Monday, April 22, 2013

Bethesda's New Game and Fire Emblem

Hey guys!

Just a quick update. My life hasn't been very action-packed and exciting lately, so I find myself without anything to blog about. I'm mostly just been gaming nonstop. Especially since I got my new game. What game you ask? Why, this one!

I've never played a Fire Emblem game before this one, so for quite a while I wasn't sure what I was doing. I was also quite a beginner at turn-based fighting as well. But now I'd like to say I'm pretty good. A member of my party dies here or there, but it isn't nearly as common as it was in the beginning. Also, I play it on casual mode, so that when one of my characters die, they don't die forever. Once I finish the game though, I'll probably do another playthrough and pick classic mode. As long as my character's husband doesn't die, I'm good.

Oh, yeah, if you didn't know, you can get married in this game! It helps give you an advantage in combat when you fight alongside your spouse (or child!). It's really a great game. I'll admit that when it first came out, I wasn't the least bit interested, but then I played the demo on one particularly dull evening, and I fell in love. If you have a 3DS, I highly recommend at least checking out the demo, even if games like this usually aren't to your liking!

Now I'm going to post some pictures, just so you can see my character and a couple of my favorite characters, and things. So if you don't want to see any pictures from the game, I would scroll to the end of this post if I were you, so you can at least check out the Youtube video for Bethesda's new game.

(Sorry in advance that these pictures are kind of sucky. I haven't yet gotten the hang of taking good quality pictures of my 3DS screens.)

This is my character, Rosary! Isn't she cute? ♥ Well, I think she is. I had her marry Chrom, the other main character in the game. Character creation is pretty nice in this game. It isn't as extensive as some other games (Like Mass Effect or Skyrim for example) but you can still create unique characters that are incredibly cute.

And here are pictures of a couple of my favorite characters:

I also really love Henry, but I forgot to take a picture of him. But oh well, I love these two a ton. I almost had Rosary marry Gaius, both because he's awesome and because he's voiced by Gideon Emery. And if you didn't know, I absolutely love Gideon Emery. I fall in love with every character he voice acts, because he does such a good job!

So yeah, I am completely obsessed with this game right now. And I'm excited for Anime Iowa even more, because I'm hoping plenty of people will have their 3DS with them, so I can get tons of Streetpasses for this game and Animal Crossing.

Yeah, I'm pre-ordering Animal Crossing this week! I'm excited! I really loved Animal Crossing and Animal Crossing City Folk. I wasn't a big fan of Wild World, but I played that when I really wasn't interested in handheld gaming, so I'm going to blame it on that.

Hopefully, I'll also have enough money to pre-order Rune Factory 4. And then later this year, I'll be hopefully pre-ordering Pokemon X as well! This is going to be a fantastic year for Nintendo. And then on Christmas, fingers crossed I'll get the next Xbox system!

And speaking of the next Xbox system, Bethesda has recently announced a game titled "The Evil Within". It looks great. I'm not usually a fan of games (or movies) of the horror genre. But I love Bethesda too much to pass up getting this game when it comes out. It'll come out next year, both for this generation of consoles (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC) and next gen consoles.

(Just a warning. The game's Teaser Trailer is a little frightening. At least, it was to me. If you get scared easily, I would not recommend watching the video below!)

What games are you playing, and what are you looking forward to? 

Until Next Time,
Bye Lovelies! ♥

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sorry for my disappearance!

Hey guys!

Wow, it's really been too long. I've just had a lot of random stuff come up lately that's kept me away from the computer. I haven't been able to write any blog entries or even read my favorite blogs! (I'll be doing a lot of catching up in the next few days!)

So, if you're curious about what I've been up to, it hasn't been all that exciting. March 30th was amazing, though. That marked the third anniversary with my boyfriend, Zach. I had a lot of fun! He made me a romantic dinner (which tasted amazing, by the way. I'm glad he's such an awesome chef, because I can't cook at all!)
(The boyfriend chopping up Peppers to throw on our steak. Yummm!)

He also made me a homemade milkshake. Which was awesome, because I really don't like milkshakes at all, unless they're made by my boyfriend. Maybe it's just because he overloads them with sugar...

Yeah, it's probably because he overloads them with sugar.

And if you're wondering what we got each other for presents, then wonder no more! I, being absolutely broke, decided to make a little homemade gift. I baked him some cinnamon bread.

(I might not be able to cook, but I can bake a mean cinnamon bread.)

And I sewed him a little dragon plushie!

I haven't sewed in a long time, so it was interesting making a little plushie that was so much more complicated than I'm used to making. I had to relearn to sew. But I managed to get it done! And he seemed to like it. (At least, he was good at pretending that he did).

I got the idea for this plushie from this youtube video by the way: How to Make a Kawaii Baby Dragon Plushie

Maybe you're wondering what he got me. Well, first of all, he bought my favorite kind of flowers, Stargazer Lilies!

I still have them in a vase today, but they've finally started to wilt. :c

I don't know if you've smelled Stargazer Lilies before, but if you haven't, you need to. They smell so sweet, like candy. I always get in the mood for things like nerds or sweet tarts when I have some of these flowers around.

But that's not all he got me! I also received this really beautiful ring!

Unfortunately it's too big to fit on my ring finger, so we're going to go get it resized soon. Until then, I'm just wearing it on my middle finger.

And my family is too adorable. I showed my grandma and her and grandpa were calling up my parents trying to find out if me and my boyfriend were engaged or something. I got that question a lot for a while, actually! But no, still just dating! There's no way I'm going to even think about marriage until I get a college education and move out of my parent's house.

I wish I could have taken a better picture of the ring! But all I had was my phone, and that was as good as I could get. Next post, I promise I'll try to show you guys a clearer picture!

Oh, and for what I was wearing: I threw on my favorite dress! And it was so nice out, I actually went without tights. Which I sort of a big step for me. I really dislike my legs, and I've always thought they were too chubby to be uncovered. But I'm finally starting to feel more confident after losing so much weight since last year.

Anyway, it got chilly that night, and we wanted to walk down to the soda machine to grab a couple sodas. So I borrowed my boyfriend's (way too big) hoodie, threw on some socks and shoes, and headed out. The resulting look was this:

Yes, I am oh so stylish. I also blocked my face because I was making the most ridiculous expression. So please excuse the giant pink dot obscuring my face.

So yeah, that was my anniversary.

Since you've last heard from me, I've also gone through having my basement semi-flooded, having my computer and iPhone cord chewed up terribly (I know have no iPhone cord, and a lovely band of electric tape decorating 2-3 inches of my computer cord), and I've been playing Harvest Moon pretty much nonstop with all of my free time.

If you're unfamiliar with Harvest Moon, it's this really cute farming simulation game for Nintendo consoles. I've become obsessed with the latest one for the 3DS 'Harvest Moon: A New Beginning'. It's the first game in the series where you can customize your character, so now I'm introducing my adorable character, Juliet:

Standing next to my alpaca. My poor, shaved alpaca.

Oh, also super obsessed with the game Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. I just started though, so I can't say much about it. Except that I'm completely loving pickpocketing and sneak attacking trolls with my omni-blade daggers. ♥

So yeah, I'll be updating more regularly again now. Sorry I was gone so long!

Now I leave you with a picture of Meeko with his (many, many) toys.

Until Next Time,
Bye Lovlies! ♥