Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pretty in Pink -- The new 3DS XL

So, I probably should have started out this blog with an introduction post. Which I had fully intended to do. But I wanted it to be a video, and unfortunately, I cannot take a video for around a week still. So screw it. This is my first blog post and I'll make a proper introduction later.


Anyway, hi there. I'm Michelle and as you could probably guess from the name of my blog, I'm a gamer. I love video games whether they're on a console, PC, or handheld. I'm also female, and yes, I'm quite girly.

Is that a good enough introduction for now? I believe so.

So let's move on to the topic of this post. The new Pink/White Nintendo 3DS XL. 

This is why I love Nintendo.

North America's first new color for the 3DS XL since launch, and Nintendo decided to give us pink. Are the majority of gamers happy with it? Probably not. Am I? You'd better believe it! Before seeing this color, I was actually considering just getting a regular 3DS because of the not-so-pleasing colors the 3DS XL came out with. But this changed my mind completely. Nintendo, I love you. ♥

This beautiful 3DS XL is going to be available at Gamestop (and probably other stores?) on December 9th, 2012. Just in time for the holiday season, and it also happens to be my birthday.

And thank goodness this is coming out, because I really need a new DS. This is my old one, gotten when the DS was still a pretty new system:

I think it's time this old man retired.
The original DS came out in 2004, I believe, and I'm fairly certain I got it that holiday, but it might have been a year after. Regardless, this old guy is 7-8 years old. Which is basically centuries in console years. He gave me a lot of good years of gaming, and he still works perfectly, but it's time to put him up. (At least until I want to play one of my Gameboy Advance games again.)

I'm just glad that the Pink/White 3DS is finally confirmed to be coming out. It was out for a limited time on the Gilt website, but sold out pretty quickly. And although rumor around the internet has been that a few Kmart's and Target's had them on their shelves, they've been quite hard to find. But on December 9th, they'll be at a Gamestop near you.

What color of 3DS XL is your favorite?