Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Closer Look at the Pink/White 3DS XL

So, if you're reading this, I'm sure that by now you are already aware that I received a Pink/White 3DS XL for Christmas. It was definitely one of my favorite presents and the one I've gotten the most use out of since the holidays. It's fun, easy to carry around, and it's just so freaking cute!

Anyone who knows me well knows that pink is my favorite color (and anyone that takes one look at my blog could no doubt figure that out too!) and the shade of pink they chose for the 3DS just looks so perfect. Can you tell I'm in love? Because I really am.

And while the outside is a really pretty pink color, the inside compliments it well by being completely white. It makes the entire handheld system look really cute.

I really should stop going on and on about how cute it is. But that's the reason why I spent days trying to figure out how to get this color, while the internet, Gamestop, and even Nintendo was incredibly hush hush about it. Perseverance!

Anyway, I don't know how good a review would do anyone, since this 3DS is not any different from any other 3DS XLs, besides the color of course. The 3D is amazing, and I find myself using it quite often, until I feel the need to rest my eyes. Having to find just the right spot while playing is a little annoying, so if I'm lying down or something I'll always turn off the 3D, but for the most part, it's great!

That being said, I really don't have many 3DS games yet.

So far I only have Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic, Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, Style Savvy: Trendsetters, and Virtue's Last Reward, all of which I got for Christmas as well. Instead of buying new 3DS games, I've been trying to assemble all of the Professor Layton games so I can have my Professor Layton Marathon. I'm getting so close!

And I'm really looking forward to playing Animal Crossing once that comes out. And then the new Pokemon X and Y games. I can't believe it took me this long to get a 3DS!

Oh! And that case in the above picture holding all of my games? It's this awesome case I got from Club Nintendo:

Yeah, it's pretty freaking amazing, isn't it? It came with other covers too like Mario and a generic Nintendo one, but I fell in love with this Zelda one, and it definitely took me back to my childhood. And this is a look on the inside:
It has a little familiar Zelda icons throughout the entire inside! Now I'll just be looking forward to the day I can put a Zelda game inside this case. (I need to get Zelda: Ocarina of Time, now).

This post has been a little picture heavy I think, but I'm not done showing off my 3DS quite yet! I dug my old DS out from storage and put it side by side. It's crazy how much bigger the screens are, and just how much nicer the 3DS XL looks in comparison (in my opinion!).
I don't have to squint, my hands don't cramp up (Well, they did when I first got it, but that was probably because I played it for nearly 12 hours straight a day), and now I have a cute pink and white 3DS to play, rather than a bright red DS. Red being one of my least favorite colors, I consider that last point a good one!

And one last picture, just because I can.
Yeah, those are both of my new babies, together. c: My new 3DS and my new iPhone, and they match! Well, at least they match when the 3DS is open. I just ordered a case and charm for my phone though, which should be coming next week. Excited! I can finally keep up with Twitter now that I have a phone that actually wants to work. So now I can bother everyone on there a lot more. Poor them. c:

Also! Before I end this post, I wanted to say that I'm starting up a vlog on Youtube. I have absolutely no idea what it will be about yet, most likely video games, of course, and other girly crap. So yeah, if you want to subscribe to my channel (once I have it up) and watch me talk to a camera, I will love you forever.

Until then,
Bye Lovelies! ♥

Monday, February 25, 2013

New Puppy!

I'm so so so sorry for ignoring my blog. But I promise I have a good excuse!

Me and my family have recently welcomed a new little puppy into our home! His name is Meeko (yes, named after the amazing canine companion in Skyrim) and he's only four months old.

Unfortunately, I'd forgotten how much attention puppies need. I haven't even been able to pick up my Xbox controller in well over a week! He's constantly attached to my hip and super lovey and playful. He's a rat terrier and his momma was a miniature rat terrier, and his dad was a toy rat terrier, so we're not sure which Meeko will turn out to be.

I'm hoping he stays his current size though! He's just so tiny and cute! And he has the prettiest eyes I've ever seen on a dog. They're bright blue! (Although his right eye has a ring of brown around it.)

He's such a trouble maker though! He likes to get a hold of socks and carry them all throughout the house, and he even stole one of my headbows while I wasn't looking and tore it to pieces. But I can't get mad at him. I mean, just look at how sweet and innocent he looks!
I also have no idea if his ears are going to stay floppy or if they'll straighten out. Currently, one of his ears usually straightens when he's listening intently, while the other stays floppy. If his ears turn out staying like that, I'd be the happiest dog owner alive! So cute!

Ah, I could go on and on and on about my adorable new baby, but I doubt you want to hear me rattle on about the fact that he has the cutest little white spot near his butt, or how cute he is when he pounces on everything that moves, or how traumatized he was by his first bath time or-

No, okay, I'm done now.

Okay, so I should probably just list a few updates (which I might do blog posts about later on this week).

1. I got a new cell phone! This is actually a really big deal for me, because I had my old one for over three years and it was ancient. I couldn't receive or send pictures or videos and most apps wouldn't work on it either. Even calling people didn't work sometimes. But just last weekend I upgraded to an iPhone 4! Yay!

I realize I probably should have gone with an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, but they were expensive, and I love my new electronic baby anyway. Does anyone know any awesome apps? I've been basically using my iPhone for all of my gaming needs for the last week. I love this thing. I've been especially playing the game Infinity Blade on it a ton. I didn't know a game could look that awesome on a phone, but holy crap it's amazing.

2. I got the Pink Nintendo 3DS XL for Christmas! It's incredibly cute, and the games I have for it are a lot of fun! I've already spent way too much time playing Style Savvy: Trendsetters and Harvest Moon: A New beginning. Oh, and I'm collecting all of the Professor Layton games. I just have to get the two newest ones to come out and then I'm having a Layton marathon. It will be glorious.

3. Valentine's Day! Look at these flowers I received. Just freaking look at them.
Stargazer Lilies are by far the prettiest flowers in the entire flower universe, I swear. Also, that picture was taken with my new iPhone! c: I think it takes better pictures than my actual camera...

Alright, I'm done rambling on about... I don't even know what anymore. If you read all of this, you're awesome. :) And my next post will probably be about either my iPhone or my 3DS. Or some random crap I suddenly feel the need to share with you.

Bye Lovelies. ♥