Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Adventure to Anime Iowa

Hello everyone!

Well, here I am! Back from Anime Iowa. And even though I didn't cosplay, I had a great time!

In general, everyone is always pretty nice at this convention. There was one incident that I don't want to go into too much detail over, that involved some immature jerks making rude gestures towards me and my friends while we looked out the window, but that hardly spoiled my weekend.

I got some amazing pictures of fantastic people in beautiful costumes. So this post might end up being a little picture heavy. And for that, I apologize.

So, without further ado, let's see some pictures of my favorite cosplays this weekend!

Altair from Assassin's Creed. He was the first person I was brave enough to ask for a picture from!

A really friendly cosplayer from the Crimson Lance, from Borderlands. 

Atorias and Ciaran from Dark Souls. My boyfriend went completely into fanboy mode when he found them.

My two favorite characters, Garrus and Tali, from Mass Effect.

A gorgeous Midna, from Zelda.

Gaige, from Borderlands 2, and her very awesome CL4P-TP.

Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, and Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Why yes, I do love that show.

Another (very amazing) Garrus Vakarian, from Mass Effect.

I wish I could remember all of their names, but various characters from the game 'The World Ends With You'. They were all completely fantastic.
All of the cosplays were so good! I missed out on getting a few I really wanted, such as a Little Sister from Bioshock, or Kat from DMC. But I did get a lot of great pictures. Even found a Dean and Castiel, from Supernatural!

Besides meeting amazing cosplayers, I also was incredibly touched when I actually got around to wearing my lolita dress. I only wore it for maybe a half hour at most, because the high heels I decided to wear with it killed my feet. (Yes, I know a lot of lolitas would chastise me for wearing tall heels with lolita, but I find that my feet look horrible in normal lolita footwear. I'm sorry if I have offended you, lolitas!)

But, like I said, I was very touched by how people responded to me wearing my dress around.
(Oh, and sorry that I don't have a full body shot of the dress! All of those turned out very blurry!)

There were a few people that complimented my dress, and those comments of course made me smile, and I thanked them profusely. But my absolute favorite person at Anime Iowa this year walked up to me while I was wearing this dress and actually bowed as they informed me of how lovely I looked. I was taken off guard and was a little speechless for a moment. All I could get out was a smile and a quick thank you, but I wish I could find that person now and hug them. They completely made my night. I really do love how nice most people at Anime Iowa are.

And this is what was bought at Anime Iowa this year. The Shadow the Hedgehog is actually my boyfriend's, but the other things are basically all mine. I forgot to put in a cute pair of wings I bought also. Whoops. Anyway, starting from the left, I bought: Malon's (from Zelda: Ocarina of Time) apron panel (you know, in case I ever get the fancy to cosplay her), a very awesome wig, two sets of wrist cuffs in pink and blue, really pretty earcuffs, a cat charm for my cell phone, a pair of fantasy ears, a plushie-cake charm (on Shadow's lap), and an Abstergo flag. I really wanted to get the flag with the Assassin's Symbol, but the Abstergo flag had glitter. I can't resist glitter.

And yes, I did go to an Anime Convention and bought nothing anime-related. (Although I really wanted that Black Butler season 2 set! Agh. If I had had an extra $50, that set would have been mine!)

I'll make another post kind of showing off everything I bought in a day or so, probably. But I want to end this post here before it gets too long. So I'll talk to all of you wonderful people again very soon. Promise!

Until Next Time,
Bye Lovelies! ♥

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Preparing for Anime Iowa (with Rainbows!)

Hey guys! Oh, look, I'm doing what I promised I would and actually posting before Anime Iowa!

Yes I am pretty proud of myself for this.

First off, I really want to thank everyone that commented on my last blog post, especially the ones that welcomed me back so nicely. Seriously, I was touched you guys still wanted to read and talk to me after I was away for so long. Here I was, thinking that coming back to my blog, I would be completely ignored and no one would even remember who I was!

So thanks! You all brought a smile to my face. ♥

Oh, and if you were wondering, I did end up getting the Majora's Mask CD! You guys raised some good points (as well as my friends on Twitter) so I went with it. I don't regret it at all, so I guess I made the right decision! (So thanks again, haha!)

Now onto what this blog post is about...

Anime Iowa!

Yes, it's that time of the year where geeks all gather together to celebrate our love for all things geeky. And, other than Christmas time, it's definitely my favorite time of the year! I started going in back in 2008, and made it every single year except last year. (Which was insanely depressing!) But now I'm able to go back!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to buy or make any cosplays this year. So instead, I saved all of my spare money and will be spending it on super cute things at the convention! (I'm really hoping to be able to afford a corset, but if not, cute accessories and video game related things would be just as good!)

So I've been struggling lately, since I have no cosplays, on what to actually wear. I have my suitcase in my room, all ready to be packed, but nothing inside it yet! And Anime Iowa is only in two more days! Ack.

If any of you want to give me advice on what to wear, I'd really appreciate it. I'll probably bring down some shorts and maybe skirts, but other than that, I'm drawing a blank. Help me!

Oh, and as you may have seen in the title of this blog post, I do have one outfit being planned out in my mind.


I'm usually not a fan of rainbows. They're too... vibrant, I guess! But 'vibrant' is perfect for raves, which is where I'll be this Saturday night. So my rave outfit is slowly coming together in my mind (although that remains unpacked as well.

I'll be going to the dollar store and picking up some glow sticks in all kinds of colors (assuming they have them in stock!) and decorating my body with far too many of those. I'll probably just wear a black tank top and black shorts so the colors pop against my clothes. I also need to see if I have any colorful make up to decorate my face with.

And I'll be pairing all that with super over the top, cute ears and a tail that my dear friend is letting me borrow. And since this post has been rather text-heavy, here's a little picture spam for you all.

I figure that will go quite well with my abundance of rainbows.

The only thing I'm worried about, with these ears and tail, is that I'm terrified that something bad is going to happen to it. Like, for example, if I get knocked into at the rave at my ears go flying, someone could very well step on them in such a dark, chaotic environment. I hate borrowing things from my friends for this very reason. Taking care of a friend's belongings is a huge responsibility!

Ackk, pressure.

Anyway, how do you guys think I can make myself stand out even more at the rave (with rainbows or without!). Input would be super appreciated! You guys are always so helpful after all. I owe you so much!

Oh, and before I forget. Look at those shorts. Just look at 'em for a minute!
Cutest. Freaking. Shorts. Ever.

Ha, I bought them just recently at Kohl's so I can show off my (much slimmer) legs for Anime Iowa. I think when I have a bit of spare time next month, I'll add lace to the bottom and pockets, and maybe some pearls so I can really make them obnoxious with the cuteness! I'll definitely show you guys once I do.

Well, I've probably rambled enough for one post. Next time you hear from me, it will probably be sometime next week, after Anime Iowa!

So I'm off to attempt packing! And since I still feel like the text to picture ratio is way off, here's a few pictures of me in wigs I'm trying to sell!

And this is without any make up. So you know, please be nice! ♥
So guys, what would you wear to an Anime Convention?

Until Next Time,
Bye Lovelies! ♥

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Going Platinum with Nintendo!

Hey guys!

It's been way, way too long since I've last talked to my beautiful readers. I'm so sorry, everyone. I wish I had a good excuse, but really, I don't. I've just been being very lazy and the thought of typing out so many words felt like a pretty impossible feat.

That and, like usual, I have no idea what to talk about!

But I finally actually have something to say.

So, I don't know how many of you guys play video games. And out of that portion of my readers, I have no idea how many of you play Nintendo games. But, like many of you know, I have a 3DS XL, and I've been pretty obsessed with it so far this year.

Which was another reason why I might have disappeared off the face of the planet. I'm not proud of the fact that I've already clocked in over 120 hours playing a game that was only released last month... But these things happen.

Anyway, since I've rediscovered my love of Nintendo, I joined Club Nintendo, which is a really nifty thing Nintendo does where they award you for buying their games. It's where I got this little gem:

And, since I got 600 points for supporting the company through buying games, I get a prize!

Unfortunately, I have no idea which to choose between the two I'm considering. So I was hoping my readers (are there even any of you left? It's been so long since we last spoke!) would be able to help me out with this problem!

Now, I can either choose a set of three posters, or a Zelda: Majora's Mask soundtrack.

The posters look like this:

I am in love with this poster.

And the soundtrack looks like this, in case you were wondering:

Now, Majora's Mask was one of my favorite games when I was a child (only beat by Shenmue) and I feel like I need that CD in my life. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure once I have it, I might listen to it once and then just Youtube the music if I ever want to listen again.

When it comes to the posters, I'm pretty 'meh' about two of them, but I am absolutely head over heels in love with the Zelda poster. But the problem with the posters is that I don't hang posters up on my wall. I do plan to once I move out of the house I'm currently in and have my own 'game room'. But that probably won't be for quite a while still.

So, which prize would you rather have? Tell me why, and I'll love you forever. I only have until the middle of August to decide! Agh!


I'll be going to Anime Iowa this weekend! So I'll definitely be writing a post about that later. I'll try to fit in another post before that too. Determined to write more to this blog! (Just not every day. I'll run out of things to say wayyy too quickly for that!)

My Twitter feed up top seems not to be working. I'll be trying to fix that asap!
(Update: Figured out why my 'Latest Tweet' is no longer working. It's because of an update by Twitter. Unfortunately, the new way to get my latest tweet sounds very complicated and confusing, so I'll most likely have to edit it out of my header now. This is incredibly depressing.)

Until Next Time,
Bye Lovelies! ♥