Sunday, August 18, 2013

Let's meet the boyfriend!

(This post wasn't even suppose to be about my boyfriend and my wig originally, so I don't understand how this post happened. I'm just going to pretend I know what I'm doing though.)

Terribly sorry my post that I promised is taking so long. I definitely want to show you guys the cute things I picked up from Anime Iowa, but I haven't been able to throw it all on and get my boyfriend to be a photographer for me yet.

True, the only reason we haven't really had time is because I've been busy playing Animal Crossing, Bioshock Infinite, and Gone Home... But we'll just blame it on his work schedule! Darn Hardees!

Oh! I've never really introduced you to my boyfriend properly, have I, dear Readers? I apologize! Let me remedy that.

Dear Readers, this is my boyfriend, Zach. Zach, these are my lovely readers.

Oh dear, I don't know how good that first impression is. Here, some pictures of Zach and I from Anime Iowa:

So yes, this is Zach, my very sweet, very handsome boyfriend of 3 1/2 years. He enjoys video games, baked goods, and long walks down to Gamestop.

He's a keeper. ♥

Oh, and maybe now you're thinking, "But wait, Michelle! Are you even going to mention why your hair was suddenly blonde and colorful in one picture?"


Here's another picture to see it better.

(Please ignore the tags... ._. I realized after I had worn this wig around all day that I had a very noticeable tag hanging out from the back of my head. I was so embarrassed!)

I think I may wear this wig to my Grandmother's house someday soon to freak her out! She's the sort that acts like me giving my hair highlights is the end of the world. I fear to think how she would react if she thought I actually colored my hair this way. Oh gosh, I love my grandmother.

By the way, I had originally gotten this wig (sorry for a pretty bad picture):
But then I got back to the hotel room at Anime Iowa and realized I didn't like the color at all. I felt like it looked like some low quality wig I would buy from a Halloween store. The black streaks throughout it didn't help its case. ( I didn't notice them until I took it out of the package.) Luckily, the wig salesman said that he accepted exchanges, so I happily gave this wig back and got the pretty colorful blonde one you saw earlier!

But anyway, it will probably take a bit longer for me to show off the pretty things I got from Anime Iowa. Please be patient, dear readers! Until then, I have a couple more ideas about what to tell you about, so look out for another post tomorrow!

I love wigs! So I'm curious: If you could get a wig of any color/length what would you get?

Until Next Time,
Bye Lovelies! ♥