Saturday, October 11, 2014

Anime Iowa 2014!

Hey everyone!

I'm back! (Did you miss me?)

Today I'm finally going to make a post that I've wanted to make since the beginning of August. (Time flies when you have a job, I swear. Wow.) And that blog post would be: Anime Iowa! It's a super fun convention in the state of Iowa that of course is centered around anime, but it also (thankfully) has its fair share of other geeky things, like Doctor Who, video games, plus lots of cute fantasy items.

Anyway, this year was as fun as the last, and I took over 600 photos! (Don't worry, I'll only spam you with a few of my favorites!)

So, let's get started!

Me! I went as Mey-Rin from Black Butler, and since I didn't want to do the same thing as before, I decided to alter her costume to make it into the way she appears when she uses her guns. (Which I made very quickly out of cardboard shortly before Anime Iowa, haha. They're not very pretty to look at, but it's my first time making a prop, and I'm proud of them darn it!

And these three were fantastic. From left to right, 11th Doctor, 10th doctor, and River Song!  The 11th Doctor was so in character it was great fun to watch him at the photoshoot!

And the 9th doctor, and the 10th together. With their psychic paper, of course!

I really can't even imagine how many hours must have been put into this. Seriously, a fantastic job!

Deadpool + Loki? Oh yes.

There was even a Rumpelstiltskin from Once Upon a Time at Anime Iowa this year. Which was basically the best thing ever. Even talked like him. It was hard to suppress my inner fangirl at this point.

And then me and the boyfriend got all dressed up for the rave. Which, neither of us are exactly big fans of raves, but any excuse for me to dress up in a crazy amount of glow sticks, and I'm all for it!
(Honestly, I think my rave outfit was my favorite I wore at AI this year..)

And then this is the absolutely gorgeous outfit I bought at Anime Iowa this year. I got everything except the corset from a fantastic shop called Back to Earth Creations and I got the corset from Scoundrelle's Keep. I'm absolutely in love with all of it.

And so this was everything I bought this year during my Anime Iowa trip. The book Dragon Age: Asunder was actually bought at Barnes & Noble before I went to AI though, but I included it since it was in the same trip! The outfit I got is on the left, then some dice pendants, elf ears, a sonic screwdriver, dragon eye necklace, blunderbuss, a cute miniature replica of sting from the Tolkien books, Arwen's necklace, and the mockingjay pendant.

Yes, I go to anime conventions and get absolutely nothing anime-related what so ever. It happens..

And now, because I'm a loser that likes to pretend I'm a good photographer, I took pictures of the sky for each of the days I was down at Anime Iowa. Behold:

 (double rainbow!)

So, that was my trip to Anime Iowa. It was a nice relaxing (and somehow still very hectic) trip. And i can't wait to do it next year. :)

Thanks for reading!

Have you been to a convention?

Monday, September 1, 2014

Born Pretty (Sponsored) Jewelry Review

Hello everyone!

I'm so sorry I've been gone for so long! Thanks to a couple puppies chewing up what was left of my poor computer's power cord, I found myself without a laptop for quite a while. Luckily, armed with a brand new laptop, I'm back! And the first blog post I want to share with you is a review I've been wanting to share for far too long now!

And that's a review from the fantastic web store: Born Pretty!

They've been super patient for my review while I waited for a new laptop, so I want to thank them for being so understanding! Even though this review took so long to get up, I can honestly say that it would have been up much sooner if not for my need of a new laptop. Because Born Pretty sent me the review products so quickly! The shipping was great, and the packaging was really nice as well!

I unfortunately don't have pictures of the packaging it came in for this review, since all those old photos are on my old laptop. And I'm not sure when, if ever, I'll be able to get on to that one again. But if I do, I'll be sure to update this review!

I received three gorgeous pieces of jewelry from Born Pretty from their Jewelry&Accessories category.

1. Lovely Ring Cute Sweet Pearl Beads Bowknot Bow Golden Tone Adjustable Ring
2. Elegant and Luxurious Flower Shape Necklace
3. 1pc Necklace Fashion Charming Metal Rhinestone 8 Shaped Body Chain

So, I just really want to state how much I love the bow ring! It's definitely my favorite of the jewelry I received.

It has cute little imitation pearls on the bow, with two little rhinestones in the middle. Considering it's so cheap (only $2.57!), it looks absolutely gorgeous. Especially when worn! And the band is adjustable, so it fits a variety of sizes perfectly.

I'm really in love with it, and use it to complete a lot of my outfits now. Considering I love pearls, and bows, it's perfect for me, and I highly recommend it to everyone.

I give this item a 5/5.

The other item I got, the gorgeous flower necklace, ended up being really perfect for me as well!

It's a wonderful necklace, with rhinestones decorating some of the flowers, but with others being without the rhinestones. It's super affordable too ($5.30!) and really cute for the price! I was worried it was going to break easily with how it was put together, but I've had it and worn it off and on for around 3 months now, and it's still as perfect as before.

I love the way the flowers are laid out too! It's not just a symmetrical pattern, it's much more fun! And I love the combination of flowers and the bow ring. It's definitely making the girly girl in me incredibly happy.

I give this item 5/5.

And lastly, is the super pretty body chain. At only $2.99, it's a great deal since it gives a unique, adorable look to any outfit!

I love it! the only problem I have with it is a minor one (and probably user error, ack), but it likes to twirl around a bit. So while a lot of the times it will face forward like it's suppose to, every once in a while I find myself having to fix it. Which really isn't a big deal, and I don't mind it. It's not enough to bring my rating of this gorgeous piece of jewelry down any!

I give this item 5/5.

The communication was great as well, as they always responded to my emails in a timely manner. And like I said shipping was great, so I give both of these things a 5/5.

And if you're thinking you want to buy something lovely from their shop, surprise! Discount for my lovely readers!

If you want to purchase some of your own gorgeous jewelry from their site, be sure to use my discount code for 10% off your purchase! WYMT10

They have some really gorgeous items to choose from. I have to share some of my favorites with you:

1. 1Pc Cute Owl Ring Creative Beads Studded Ring
2. 1Pc Stylish Bracelet Multi-circle Leaves Owl-lovers Infinite Design Bracelet
3. Lovely Ring Cute Black Rhinestone Crystal Bowknot Bow Tie Adjustable Ring
4. 2pcs Luxury Style Nail Crystal Embossed Metal 3D Nail Jewelry Decorations
5. Pretty Ribbon Tie Bracelet Chain Link Bracelet

I'll definitely be checking out those items myself soon, so don't be surprised if you see me wearing some in upcoming pictures! Such cute items!

So, over all, I give Born Pretty a 5/5! 

My experience with them was wonderful, and I'll definitely be buying from them in the future. And if you decide to as well, don't forget to get that 10% discount!

Thanks for reading, lovelies! Until Next time!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jbox Haul (Sponsored) review!

Hey everyone!

Have you heard about Because if you haven't, I highly suggest you visit JBox now. Especially if you love Japan, or just cute things in general! JBox was super nice and sent me quite a few things for review, so I can show you all how great they really are. (And trust me, they're fantastic. Just wait until you see my items!)

So, what all did I get?

So, in order of size, from smallest to largest (because I need some way to organize this review, right?), I'll review the items, and then I'll review the whole thing overall!

Socks Glue:

Sock glue! I keep mentioning to people that I got this, and everyone seems to get this confused look on their face and ask what it is. Which is understandable, since I'm fairly certain I had that exact same look on my face when I saw this on their website. But after hearing what it did, I had to have it. 

Although I absolutely love thigh hi tights and socks, I hate that they never want to stay up. Within a few minutes, they're usually always down past my knees, refusing to stay where I want them to. And a garter belt just doesn't look quite right with certain outfits, so how do I fix this problem otherwise? 

Apparently, the answer is really simple! Sock glue. This handy little thing keeps your socks staying up while you go about your day, all you have to do is apply it to your skin where the sock sits, and it stays on, simple. 

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to test it out yet, since it's the middle of summer, and since it's 85 degrees out, I'd rather stay away from thigh his. But as soon as a cool day hits, I'll be sure to try it out and tell you guys how it works!

When you order it from the website, you either get the cute little blue container I received, or a similar one in pink (man, am I sad I didn't get pink...). You can check it out here: Socks Glue.

Pan Pita - Square Push Style Sandwich Maker
2 Sizes Triangle Onigiri Maker - Large & Small:

I have, unfortunately, been unable to use the onigiri maker yet. I just bought a rice cooker, and I still need to go out and get rice for it before I can try it out. I wanted to wait, but I didn't want to postpone this interview any longer than what I have. So I'll be showing you my onigiri-making adventures in another blog post coming shortly.

I have, however, used the sandwich maker. And it worked very well, leaving me with a cute sandwich with no crust!

(And it was delicious, by the way.)

Itazura Cat Coin Bank -- Calico Cat:

This was definitely the thing I was most excited for with my order from them. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Just take a look:

Isn't it adorable?!

It even meows. Right before the lid opens, and as it closes. This is the best coin bank I have ever seen. The only downside to it is that sometimes it's little paw can't quite grip dimes. I think they're too small for them to work 100% of the time. But they will still work if you position them just right.

Even the 'cardboard' box is pretty cute. It looks really cute on my nightstand, and I just love putting in coins and hearing the cute little meow, and seeing the paw reach out. I have a feeling this will help me save quite a bit of money, with how much I love putting money into it.

So yeah, this was the item I was most looking forward to getting, and now that I have it, it's definitely my favorite item! Everything about it is fantastic.

Get this cute Coin Bank here!

My Neighbor Totoro Bento Box Bag -- Type A:

I really needed a lunch box to take to work with me, since I'm now working, and so far, I have found that this one is absolutely perfect. It's the perfect size for my water bottle, a sandwich, chips, and a small snack. The inside is thermally lined, so it helps keep warm things warm and cold things cold. It's been a lot of use to me so far, and I absolutely love the cute 'My Neighbor Totoro' design. (I loved that movie as a child!).

Check out other Jbox Lunch bags here.

Gray Angel Wing Hoodie:

Anybody that knows me well, knows that I absolutely adore angel wings. So when I saw this hoodie, I knew that I had to have it. Unfortunately, with it being in the middle of summer, I can't exactly get much use out of it. But come fall, I'm going to really enjoy having this. It's really comfortable, and also really cute!

It's one-size and it fits a bit tight over my chest, but as long as I don't zip it up all the way, which is how I prefer my hoodies anyway, it's wonderful. It's still nice and cozy all zipped up, and not uncomfortable at all, just tighter than I prefer my hoodies to be at my chest.

Buy this beautiful sweater here.
Or check it out in black here.

So, overall:

Sock Glue: ?/5 (Blog Post will come as soon as possible with me trying this out. But the idea is fantastic!)
Sandwich Maker: 5/5 (Does exactly what it's suppose to do!)
Onigiri Maker: ?/5 (This will be it's own blog post soon! Look forward to it!)
Coin Bank: 1054221/5 (Words cannot express just how much I love this coin bank!)
My Neighbor Totoro Lunch Bag: 5/5 (Perfect for my lunch, and super cute!)
Angel Wing Hoodie: 5/5 (Comfortable and cute! Exactly what a hoodie should be.)

Overall product quality: 5/5!


Shipping: 5/5

Everything came really well packaged, and the delivery took less time than estimated. I actually received it quite a few days before I was suppose to. A really pleasant surprise!


Communication: 5/5

Communication was really great. Most of the time, I got a response to my questions at least within a day. The only exception was a three day gap, which was understandable since that gap landed on the weekend! JBox was so helpful and very nice, so their customer service was definitely A+!


So, over all, I would say JBox definitely deserves a well-earned 5/5 for wonderful products, fantastic communication, and excellent shipping. I highly recommend them to all of you.

(And be sure to look forward to a couple blog posts about Sock Glue and Onigiri, coming soon!)

Thanks JBox!

(This review was sponsored by JBox. All opinions are entirely my own!)

What is your favorite item from JBox?