Thursday, February 20, 2014

Best Valentine's Day Gift? A Hidden Blade, Of Course!

Hey everyone!

Happy (late) Valentine's Day! 

I haven't been around very much again, and I'm sorry for that. I've been keeping myself busy lately with Rune Factory 4. (Which, by the way, you should own if you have a 3DS, because it is amazing.)

There are so many interesting video games coming out, that I'm going to have to make an effort to visit my blog and other blogs this year I think. Between Thief, Dying Light, Titanfall, Elder Scrolls Online, Dark Souls, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Evolve, Weapon Shop de Omasse, Super Smash Bros. 3D, Disney Magical World- Okay, I'm just going to stop there or this list will go on for a while. Anyway, between all those games, my other hobbies, like blogging for instance, might suffer a little. But I'll do my best to keep in touch with you all on here.

(Hopefully better than I did this month, anyway.)

Anyway, as the title states, I did indeed get a Valentine's Gift this year that was a little different than normal. Technically it was sort of a Christmas gift too, but I got it on Valentine's Day, so I'm calling it my Valentine's Day gift! (I got my favorite flowers too, but more on that later.)

So this year for Valentine's Day, I got this:

An Assassin's Creed IV hidden blade! I saw it at Gamestop forever ago and mentioned to the boyfriend that I really wanted one. I had no idea he would actually buy one for me though! I was, obviously, incredibly happy to receive this.

This is the top of the hidden blade. And no, it's not very comfortable, haha. But I feel awesome wearing it, so the stiffness is just something I'll have to get used to.

And the underside, with the blade extended. (please forgive the mess. When I go to my boyfriend's, I tend to just throw my things on his bed and make a mess of his room...)

The blade is plastic, so don't worry. Even though I'm incredibly clumsy, I don't see myself ever managing to get hurt by this thing. Unless I go completely insane and point it at my eye. Which I'm at least 99% certain will never happen.

You can see my flowers in the background of this picture. Stargazer lilies, my absolute favorite. Unfortunately, most never bloomed. Me and the boyfriend have debated why this is. Our conclusion was that it was just too darn cold and dark in his room for them to survive. Poor flowers.

And now, for a cute bonus picture!

My puppy thinks he is a little person sometimes. Of course, this was right before I went to bed, so I felt terrible having to move him out of the way when he looked so comfy. He didn't seem to mind though, since this generally happens every night with us.

March is just around the corner (and that means spring is too!) and I'm so glad for it. It rained today, instead of snowed, although I think it's suppose to snow later tonight. It was so nice hearing rain and thunder again, I missed it. I think the puppies forgot what rain sounded like, because when it started down-pouring, they both looked very freaked out. Poor Zoey ran to my side and curled up under my arm, even.

March is going to be hectic/expensive though too. A few different games are on my wishlist for that month, and the boyfriend's birthday is on the first of March, and then our anniversary is on the 30th of March. I already know what I'll be getting him for his birthday, which I'll show all of you guys soon too, but I have no idea what to get/make for the celebration of our four years together.

Ideas would be appreciated. I like making homemade things, but I've already made him little things like a fairy tale book, list of why I love him, a scrapbook of us, a video game, A-Z of our relationship, and things like that. Any other ideas would be super awesome if you creative ladies (and lads) have any!

So, have you ever gotten an unexpected Valentine's Day gift?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Goals for a Fantastic February

Hey everyone!

Time to link up once again with three wonderful blogs and bring you my recap and renewed monthly goals!

Monthly Goals

January Recap

1. Lose 2 lbs. I'm hoping if I lose 2 lbs a month, I'll be down to my goal weight by July/August. Success! (I actually lost 3! Yes!)
2. Finish reading Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick. (Been renewing it repeatedly from the library for the past month with no progress.) Fail! (Spartacus & Once Upon a Time kept me too busy. Agh!)
3. Save $30 for Anime Iowa. Success! (Definitely $30, maybe more. Depending on the trip to the mall this weekend!)
4. Figure out how to style my new corset with an outfit. Fail! (I have yet to master this yet. I think I need more ivory things with ruffles!)
5. Finish the DLC for Mass Effect 3 and Dishonored. Fail! (I am really bad at finishing these things.)
6. Alter my armoire to fit my Xbox One inside, with my Xbox 360. Success! (Now I just need a bookshelf for the things that were where the Xbox One now sits!)
7. Start The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Success! (Beat within a few days! Amazing game!)
8. Buy more Essie nail polish. (Seriously in love with this brand now.) Fail! (Have not had a chance to pick another color up yet. Next month for sure!)
9. No fast food at all! (except an occasional healthy, veggie-filled sandwich from Subway.) Success! (Really proud of myself for this! Now I just need to cancel out all the ice cream I've become addicted to. )
10. Buy a sweater for my other puppy, Meeko. He always seems so cold (and jealous of his sister's sweater!) Success! (Got him a sweater, and he's pretty darn handsome in it too!)

6/10 isn't bad right? Well, it's like getting a D. But that's not an F, so I'll take it, and be happy! I'm pretty proud of losing 3 pounds, and having no fast food but Subway this month! (But I'm pretty sick of subway now. It doesn't help that the last couple times I went, either their toaster was broken, or the bread was so hard it hurt my teeth..)

Alright, moving along!

1. Lose 2 pounds this month! Keep the weight-loss going.
2. Actually finish Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick. I can't keep getting distracted!
3. Figure out and make/buy Valentine's Gift and the boyfriend's birthday gift!
4. Finish at least 2 drawings my friends have requested from me.
5. Buy a new wallet for my new purse.
6. Figure out a cosplay idea for Anime Iowa.
7. Create outline for novel idea.
8. See either Frozen or Winter's Tale. Or both!
9. Get a new pair of sneakers.
10. Beat Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney!

Well, there we go. Pretty simple goals this time. I'm going for 10/10 this time, wish me luck!

If you decide to do this link up too, leave me a link the comment section below and I'll definitely check it out!

What are your goals for February?