Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Preparing for Anime Iowa (with Rainbows!)

Hey guys! Oh, look, I'm doing what I promised I would and actually posting before Anime Iowa!

Yes I am pretty proud of myself for this.

First off, I really want to thank everyone that commented on my last blog post, especially the ones that welcomed me back so nicely. Seriously, I was touched you guys still wanted to read and talk to me after I was away for so long. Here I was, thinking that coming back to my blog, I would be completely ignored and no one would even remember who I was!

So thanks! You all brought a smile to my face. ♥

Oh, and if you were wondering, I did end up getting the Majora's Mask CD! You guys raised some good points (as well as my friends on Twitter) so I went with it. I don't regret it at all, so I guess I made the right decision! (So thanks again, haha!)

Now onto what this blog post is about...

Anime Iowa!

Yes, it's that time of the year where geeks all gather together to celebrate our love for all things geeky. And, other than Christmas time, it's definitely my favorite time of the year! I started going in back in 2008, and made it every single year except last year. (Which was insanely depressing!) But now I'm able to go back!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to buy or make any cosplays this year. So instead, I saved all of my spare money and will be spending it on super cute things at the convention! (I'm really hoping to be able to afford a corset, but if not, cute accessories and video game related things would be just as good!)

So I've been struggling lately, since I have no cosplays, on what to actually wear. I have my suitcase in my room, all ready to be packed, but nothing inside it yet! And Anime Iowa is only in two more days! Ack.

If any of you want to give me advice on what to wear, I'd really appreciate it. I'll probably bring down some shorts and maybe skirts, but other than that, I'm drawing a blank. Help me!

Oh, and as you may have seen in the title of this blog post, I do have one outfit being planned out in my mind.


I'm usually not a fan of rainbows. They're too... vibrant, I guess! But 'vibrant' is perfect for raves, which is where I'll be this Saturday night. So my rave outfit is slowly coming together in my mind (although that remains unpacked as well.

I'll be going to the dollar store and picking up some glow sticks in all kinds of colors (assuming they have them in stock!) and decorating my body with far too many of those. I'll probably just wear a black tank top and black shorts so the colors pop against my clothes. I also need to see if I have any colorful make up to decorate my face with.

And I'll be pairing all that with super over the top, cute ears and a tail that my dear friend is letting me borrow. And since this post has been rather text-heavy, here's a little picture spam for you all.

I figure that will go quite well with my abundance of rainbows.

The only thing I'm worried about, with these ears and tail, is that I'm terrified that something bad is going to happen to it. Like, for example, if I get knocked into at the rave at my ears go flying, someone could very well step on them in such a dark, chaotic environment. I hate borrowing things from my friends for this very reason. Taking care of a friend's belongings is a huge responsibility!

Ackk, pressure.

Anyway, how do you guys think I can make myself stand out even more at the rave (with rainbows or without!). Input would be super appreciated! You guys are always so helpful after all. I owe you so much!

Oh, and before I forget. Look at those shorts. Just look at 'em for a minute!
Cutest. Freaking. Shorts. Ever.

Ha, I bought them just recently at Kohl's so I can show off my (much slimmer) legs for Anime Iowa. I think when I have a bit of spare time next month, I'll add lace to the bottom and pockets, and maybe some pearls so I can really make them obnoxious with the cuteness! I'll definitely show you guys once I do.

Well, I've probably rambled enough for one post. Next time you hear from me, it will probably be sometime next week, after Anime Iowa!

So I'm off to attempt packing! And since I still feel like the text to picture ratio is way off, here's a few pictures of me in wigs I'm trying to sell!

And this is without any make up. So you know, please be nice! ♥
So guys, what would you wear to an Anime Convention?

Until Next Time,
Bye Lovelies! ♥


  1. Your rainbow tail and ears are really cute!! Lol! And so are your short hehehehe~

  2. Your rainbow ears and tail look so cute on you! Speaking of Anime Iowa, this Saturday I'm actually going to the largest anime convention here in Florida - METROCON! I'll be doing a post about it too (possibly 2 separate post: the first post it's going to be the cosplayers at the con, 2nd post is the rave/dance on the same day!)

    Sadly I won't be cosplaying this year, but if I could, I want to be a Moggle from the Final Fantasy series! :P

    1. That sounds great! I can't wait to read all about it. :) And moogles are super cute! If you end up ever doing that cosplay, you definitely have to share pictures! :)


  3. So cute tale and ears! <3 did you make it? And great wigs! You are so pretty without makeup, I envy you <3

    1. No no, I didn't make it! I borrowed them from my friend, who got them at a different anime convention, I believe. :)
      And aw, thanks so much! But I'm sure you're even more gorgeous than I!



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