Thursday, November 28, 2013

What are you thankful for? (I think my big one is coffee. Maybe.)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone (I say as it turns midnight on the day after Thanksgiving)! I hope everyone got to eat lots and lots of turkey today! (Unless you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, or are a vegetarian... or don't like turkey.)

Anyway, other than delicious food, Thanksgiving Day has always been about being thankful for things you have. I've had a wonderful life so far, and thus have many things to be thankful. So many that I couldn't possibly write them all down. So these are just a few of the many things I'm thankful for in my life.

  • I'm thankful that I've always had a furry friend at my side. First it was Killer, then Chomper, and now Meeko and Zoey. I've been so lucky to have grown up with pets that love me.

  • Family get-togethers. My family is pretty crazy (isn't everyone's?), but that's what makes holidays fun!
  • Starbucks.
  • My boyfriend, Zach. Especially when he cooks for me! (Since I can't cook. At all.)

  • Oranges! Eating healthy is hard. Luckily, tasty things like oranges make the whole process much more enjoyable.
  • Mint chocolate chip ice cream, for those days I couldn't care less about eating healthy.
  • That one amazing waitress at Carlos O' Kelly's that recognizes me and my boyfriend every time we go in and has our orders memorized. 
  • Starbucks. 
  • Books and TV shows that make me cry like a baby. *cough*Merlin*cough*
  • Great hair days. Those days that your hair falls in just the right way on its own? Perfect.
  • Lazy days in winter when I can just sit in bed in my warm house and watch snow fall, drinking a hot cup of latte.
  • The look on a loved ones face when they open a present you got them and they love it.
  • Starbucks.
  • How good popcorn and chocolate taste together, especially when you're watching a movie. 
  • That video games exist. My life would be a whole lot more boring without getting to slay dragons on a regular basis. 
  • Finding that perfect shade of foundation for your face.
  • And, um... Have I mentioned Starbucks?

Yeah, so, there's my list. Sorry this post is coming out when it's not even Thanksgiving for some people that might be reading this. (It's only a moment away from not even being Thanksgiving for me!) I hope your day was wonderful though, and full of love and delicious food! And now, for some reason, I'm craving Starbucks.

Darn them, not being open at midnight.

Oh well!

What are you thankful for? Leave me a comment and let me know! ♥


  1. Happy thanksgiving :) ! We don't celebrate that, so I must remind myself for being thankful for things every now and then ;)
    x, Lara

    1. It's always nice to remember from time to time what you're thankful for. Even better if you don't need a holiday to do it. :)



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