Friday, March 27, 2015

Zelda. So much Zelda.

Hey everyone!

So, let's talk Zelda.

I have played almost every game, minus some of the handheld ones. It's a fantastic series, and one of my favorites. Link, the silent protagonist (minus the occasion "Hya!"), has always been really important to me, even though he has absolutely no lines and no real personality. He is the savior of Hyrule. Your 'link' between your real life, and the one inside your gaming device. Whether I was saving princesses or swinging my sword at chickens (sorry, Cuccos), I always loved loading up the most recent Zelda game for my next big adventure.

So when Majora's Mask 3D was announced for the 3DS, I was incredibly excited. And even better, the New 3DS was coming out with a design absolutely perfect for my inner fangirl!

It's beautiful. I, of course, had to get it. It certainly isn't as girly or pink as my last 3DS, but I can accept that trade off for Majora's Mask. It was my favorite Zelda game growing up and still is. All of those side quests, the dark tones to the game, and the ability to change Link's species with a few very awesome masks made Majora's Mask the Zelda game dearest to my heart, even to this day.

I really love the New 3DS, and the Zelda: Majora's Mask game, and I definitely recommend you checking it out. I'll be uploading another post sometime soon with more picture of the system, since the one above doesn't really do it justice (and I recently bought a new camera, so it's time to get that baby busy).

Also, one of my very awesome friends got me a wonderful gift recently:

Rings based on the three Spiritual Stones from Zelda: Ocarina of Time! They're absolutely beautiful in person, and because they're adjustable, they fit very comfortably on any size of finger. Although, because they are so adjustable, they tend to slide off sometimes a little too easy because they loosen up over time. Just be sure to adjust them every once in a while though, and you're good.

If you want to grab your own set of rings, you can buy them from GuiltyGeeks on Etsy.

And lastly, in my personal Zelda news of the day, I recently purchased Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.Which, by itself, isn't exactly very related to Zelda. But the pre-order bonus...

A Majora's Mask pin. Silver, and absolutely beautiful. I was almost expecting it to feel cheaply made, since it's just a pre-order bonus, but no! It feels great, and sturdy. I absolutely love it, even though I had very little interest in the actual game it came with.

So, yes, so far this year, Nintendo has been very good to Zelda fans. And if you look on Club Nintendo, (which is closing soon, so check it out if you haven't lately!) you'll see that there are a couple very fantastic Zelda items up for sale. I purchased both with my Nintendo coins, and I can't wait to show them to you once I receive the items.

So, do you like Zelda?


  1. I love Zelda! We should totally collab and write a blog post together about the series!! Loved this post. It looks like we have similar blog focuses as well! xx

  2. Once I realized I comprehended everything you spoke of in this post besides the existence of the Majora's Mask version of the game. As a littleun' my brother had his gameboy black & white. If I wasn't playing Paper Boy I was slashing chickens in the fields, and basically fucking shit up. I'd like to get more into it again as an adult. Could you maybe write a post about Navi? I love fairies...and want to get back into playing Zelda!

    - Harlynn

    1. Have to add how much I'm in love with your spiritual healing stone ring!!!


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