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Chronicles of Elryia - MMORPG with farming, family, combat and more

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PAX is going on right now, and lots of awesome games are being shown off, but there's one game among them that I wanted to bring attention to. Mostly because it's had my attention for quite a few months now.

It's name is Chronicles of Elyria, and it's an upcoming MMORPG for the computer (and possibly on console as well) that is breaking the mold created by other MMORPGs of the past. I'm gonna give you all a brief overview of why it's my most anticipated game of 2017, but if you want to learn more, feel free to join the community and get your questions answered through the forum or the Developer Journals at the Chronicles of Elyria website. 

And if you decide to join the community, I'd love for you to use my refer code: 840BC1

So let's jump in!

You may be wondering...
What exactly is Chronicles of Elyria? 

Chronicles of Elyria, CoE for short, is an upcoming MMO that is going to revolutionize the MMORPG field. With finite resources, a closed economy, non-repeatable quests, and a huge open world ruled by NPC and player-run kingdoms alike, every choice you make matters. Will you be a farmer and create food and goods for the towns that will come to depend on you and your harvests? Or a mailperson, traveling across a huge open world filled with perils and unknown surprises to deliver a package to someone that needs it? Maybe a tailor, creating beautiful outfits for royalty and nobility alike, from a hugely customizable crafting system that lets you mix fabrics and patterns and accents to create a one of a kind piece?

You have all those options to choose from, and so much more. Whatever you want to be, you have the opportunity to be it. A baker, a spy, a King/Queen, a bard, a traveling merchant, a miner, an explorer. Whatever you want to focus on, focus on it! Don't want to fight monsters? No problem! Let the guards and adventurers take care of it while you do whatever it is you enjoy, for as long as you live.

Although, unlike most games, don't expect to live forever. Because unlike other MMORPGs, in CoE, your character will get old and they will die.

Character Death in an MMORPG

So, you may be asking: "Why would I play a game where my character could permanently die?" And that's a fair question. It worried me at first too.

But then you have to realize how much more important your characters are in a world where choices matter and people may come to depend on you in one way or another. And don't worry! If someone stabs you with a sword and you fall to the ground, you more than likely are not experiencing a perma-death. There are three levels of death in CoE. Incapacitation, which knocks you out, and you get back onto your feet after a short time downed. Spirit walking, where someone finishes you off after knocking you out and your spirit has to find its way back to your body in the spirit world, and perma-death, where it's game over and you have to get a new character, which trust me, doesn't happen very often.

So why would you play if you're just going to die? Because your character is actually the soul! You will be reborn once every real-world year or so into a new child, and your soul will keep the experiences that it gained through past lives, which means your skills will keep increasing at an increased rate. So if you focus on farming through several lifetimes, your character is going to be one of the greatest farmers in the world of Elyria. Kingdoms will send merchants to barter with you from far and wide to be able to get some of your rare crops. Would you sell your goods to rival kingdoms for a vast amount of riches, or would you remain loyal to the kingdom you live in?

Every person has a story. Every person is a quest giver.

You are an adventurer, and you come into town, looking for a way to make coin to buy better armor for your next outing. You go into the tavern and the barkeep tells you about the town leatherworker looking for someone to kill wild beasts and bring them pelt. So you go out and you kill ten of the creatures and bring them to the shop that the barkeep told you about. The leatherworker thanks you, and gives you plenty of coin for your trouble. Coin the blacksmith will happily accept in exchange to upgrade your armor! You, the barkeep, the leatherworker, and the blacksmith are all players, all helping each other and asking for help in order to survive in a living, exciting world.

The engine the game runs, the Soulborn Engine, will create stories for you as well. But many stories will come from interacting with the people and the world around you. Give the king the gift of a beautiful amulet you bought from a wandering merchant, only to find that the amulet was laced with poison, and you are now the most wanted person alive for perma-killing the kingdom's beloved king. Explore the woods and come across a cave that you hear strange sounds from within, only to find vampire players that want to feast on your soul. Take the path of darkness and darken your soul to the point you become an evil lich, effectively becoming the game's first raid boss! Everyone has a story in this game.


What good is growing older in the game unless you have someone to share the journey with? In CoE there is marriage, opposite and same sex marriage, and you can have children. Those children you can save for yourself so you can inhabit them should your character die, or you can open them up for another player to put their soul into, becoming your child. Families are connected to each other so closely that should you die and get sent on a spirit walk, your family will give you a reason to live, and make the journey back to your body that much easier. They also help you learn new skills, give you a place to live, and encourage you. Of course, families are not for everyone, and if you want to start as a ward of the state, starting out on your own with no family, that's okay too! You'll come into the world at a younger age and have some extra time to hone your skills if that's the path you choose to take!

Magic in 5%

Magic is a legend in Elyria. As a normal character, you cannot decide you want to cast fireballs from your hand one day. But if you're incredibly lucky you may be born with a talent. Talents are this games version of magic (fireball hurling, planeswalking, etc) but only 5% of the population will be lucky (or unlucky) enough to be born with one. Would you use your magic for good or evil? Would you, and the rest of the world, look favorably upon magic users, or shun them?

There's so much more to say about this game, I've only just scratched the surface. But for fear of rattling on, I'll stop here. But there's still so much to learn if you're interested, such as the in depth crafting system, realistic inventory space, soulmates, actual map-making, building your own house from scratch in whatever way you want, running your own cities, genetics, player-created dungeons, the ability to research future technologies, disguising yourself as another PC to commit crimes, destinies, offline-player characters (OPCs), and so much more! 

The Kickstarter for Chronicles of Elyria begins May 3rd, and it looks like they're going to have some great tiers to choose from! So check them out, and help them out if you want to see them succeed. I'll leave links to more information here so you can check out more things if you're interested:

Be sure to check out the first look of the game here! (remember, it's all very pre-alpha!):
First Look Gameplay
PAXEast Combat Interview
First look at pre-alpha combat

And if you want to watch videos of more CoE coverage, check out:
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 If you're interested, join the ever growing community at the game's website:
Chronicles of Elyria

 And read more about the game through the developer journals:
 Developer journals

Everyone is very friendly and ready to answer whatever questions you may have! If you join up on the website, feel free to use my friend code to sign up:

If you played Chronicles of Elyria, what role would you take?

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