Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tomodachi Life is announced. Yeah, I'm freaking out.

Hey everyone!

So, as some of you that have been following me for awhile know, I absolutely love my 3DS. Last year was a fantastic year for Nintendo in terms of 3DS games. I'm pretty sure my Nintendo 3DS got more of my attention than my Xbox 360 (which is something I never thought possible before I got this absolutely perfect handheld system).

And with the line up of games this year, I'm starting to think my 3DS is going to get more love than my Xbox One as well. (Although once Elder Scrolls Online comes out, I'm sure I'll be glued to my Xbox One for quite awhile.)

Tomorrow I'll be getting a game called Disney Magical World. Which, by the way, sounds completely amazing. I'll give you all the run down on that game tomorrow though (if I can tear myself away from my 3DS long enough to post about it!). So luckily, I'll have that (and Watch Dogs) to keep my busy until June 6th, which is when Tomodachi Life will be released!

"What is Tomodachi Life?" you may be asking. Well, I will tell you: It is perfection. At least, it looks like it is. It sold incredibly well in Japan, so I'm glad they decided to bring the game over to North America and Europe. For a more detailed answer to your question, check out this Nintendo Direct:

I guess if I had to try to explain it simply, it would be... A game where the Sims meets Animal Crossing. Except it's more relaxed and a lot more strange and hilarious.

You create your Mii, or import it from your Mii Maker, pick out its voice and personality, and then have it move into its new apartment. You help it on its journey through life, playing games with it, giving it advice, and watching as it goes through struggles, love, and what seems like some very strange scenarios at times.

How strange? Well, you can check out this Kotaku article titled "The Most Insane Gifs From Nintendo's Weird New 3ds Game", and judge for yourself.

Also, if the above video is a bit too long for your liking, go ahead and check out this advertisement for the game instead:

So, what do you think? Cute and crazy, or just a little too bizarre for you? Let me know in the comments below. I'll be sure to tell you guys much more about this game when I manage to get it! 

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  1. Definitely not my thing, but I know a few people who would LOVE this.


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