Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What I Learned from Watching Game of Thrones: Northern Inuit Dogs are the Cutest!

Hey everyone!
(Just as a warning, if you haven't watched season one of Game of Thrones, but want to, don't read further. There will be some small spoilers.)

So, recently I've been really interested in Game of Thrones. Unfortunately I do not have HBO GO, nor do I have tons of spare money to blow on buying the seasons out so far on DVD. Luckily, my boyfriend's mother has Netflix. Not the instant streaming one, the one where she gets DVDs in the mail (I miss when those used to be part of the same thing).

So me and the boyfriend got snuggled in some comfy blankets, eating some really good food, and settled in to watch what we could of Game of Thrones. We finished the first season just a few days ago(so no spoilers about anything upcoming please! It's hard enough to avoid spoilers on Tumblr!), and I absolutely fell in love with the direwolves that belonged to the Stark children.

All of the direwolves are so perfect, and the dogs that play them do such a good job. And oh my gosh are they cute. I don't actually care for the Starks that much (although I do like Arya, and sometimes, only sometimes, I like Sansa and Jon Snow as well.) but I love their direwolves.

(I'm more of a fan of the Lannister's and Daenerys)

Anyway, I learned through watching some of the bonus features on the last disc of the season, that they used dogs called Northern Inuit Dogs for the direwolves. Just look at this cutie, and tell me that he/she is not the cutest doggy you've ever seen:

Picture from Wikipedia
I love how much they resemble wolves. I've never owned a large dog before, but if I did, I would want it to be a Northern Inuit Dog. My boyfriend feels the same, so maybe one day in the future, we'll have a little Northern Inuit puppy to call our own.

And, after looking up so much about these types of dogs, and gushing over how cute they were, I felt a little guilty about not taking the time to gush over the cuteness of my own puppies so I had to take some pictures of them too and play with them a bunch to ease my guilty conscience!

 So there is my sleepy puppy with his pretty blue eyes that I really need to take into the vet sometime soon to get his nails clipped. Maybe he doesn't look like a pretty wolf, but he's really cute in his own way too!

Who is your favorite character from Game of Thrones, season one? And which is your favorite direwolf?


  1. Your little dog is so cute!! :3
    I know how you feel about all those spoilers everywhere! I'm reading the books and I hate it when people talk about the series, I already watched the first season though, and yes, those direwolves are just adorable!!

    Lipstick and Mocha

  2. Oh, I'm so happy your watching GoT! I'm obsessed. I rewatched it recently with my friend and it makes so much more sense. I loved the wolves too, and I found out that Sansa's actress was allowed to keep the dog that played Lady, so I thought that was really neat.
    My favorite character hands down is Daenerys. She's the reason I started watching it. I also love Jon Snow, and now Sansa's my second favorite female. I hated her the first season, but she grows so much and gets so, so much better. Yet people still hate on her. I don't understand. What do you think of her? I love her because she's able to show she's strong while still being feminine and not having the typical 'strong' characteristics people associate with strong female characters, which is usually masculine characteristics.
    Sorry for the rambling. Can you tell I love the show?

    1. Haha, yeah, I can definitely tell. But I completely understand. I love it too. :) And I'm only done with the first season so far.

      My thoughts on Sansa is that I don't really her very much. Yet. I've only seen the first season though, and how Sansa handled the whole thing in the beginning with Joffrey and Arya ticked me off. It sort of made me hate her for most of the season. Plus the fact that she's so rude to her father, while being in love with Joffery, even after it was Joffery's fault she lost her direwolf, made me angry at her.
      But at the end, when I think she finally realized how crappy Joffrey really is, I was rooting for her to push him off the side of the thing he was standing on. Of course that didn't happen, but oh well. So, I think now I might start liking her. I suppose it depends on how she is in season 2. :)



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