Monday, May 19, 2014

A Donut in my Hair?

Hey everyone!

I'm back, just as I said I would be, to talk to you about my new favorite hairstyle. Now, I had been dying to try out this hair since I saw a video by Venus Angelic entitled: How to do the Perfect Bun. She used a knee high sock that she cut and rolled up to achieve the look, but I didn't have any knee-length socks to do that on.

So, I went to Claire's. I knew Claire's had a pretty wide assortment of hair accessories, so I was hoping they would have something that is apparently referred to as a hair donut. So I walked into Claire's, with my mother since we had just finished enjoying a really wonderful meal at the little Chinese restaurant in the food court, and headed over to their hair accessories.

And I have to say, when it comes to hair accessories, I am completely in love with Claire's. They have just about everything. And after taking entirely too long staring at the flower headbands, debating whether or not they were worth the $10, I finally decided on my two items and hurried home to try them out. And this is what I got:

I am completely in love with this hairstyle now. It's so easy! I literally only have to spend about 5 minutes on my hair. A minute to brush it out, a couple to get my hair up into a ponytail (since I'm really bad at putting my hair into ponytails for some reason), a minute to put on the bun and second elastic, and another minute to pin my hair in place and add the bow. It's the easiest bun I've ever done. And I love how it looks!

I'm really happy with my bow I picked out too. It was much cheaper than the flower headbands/crowns and really cute. Plus, I've been needing a new bow. There were so many pretty colors, I had the hardest time choosing which one to get. But I decided white would go with most of my clothes, so that's the one I ended up with.

That's what the hair donut looks like for those of you that don't know. You just put your ponytail through the middle, and the rest is quite easy. You end up with very nice, neat hair, like this:

The bun is a little large (you can get smaller), but for my hair, a bun that large was basically required to be able to hold such long hair. And I love it anyway.

And that day I was in quite a hair styling mood, so I asked my mom (well, more like pleaded with her) to do her hair in a new way too. She was nice and agreed, and so she would up with hair like this:

I really love ribbon buns. This was my second attempt. The first... well, we just won't go into that, alright? But I was quite proud of my second attempt. From the front, at least. It looks a bit horrible from the back, but nothing that a bit of practice won't fix up. (Hopefully.)

Eventually I'll learn how to do it with my own hair too. Then I'll be really happy.

But there you have it, the donut bun and the hair bow bun. Two of my new favorite hairstyles.

What are your favorite hairstyles? 


  1. Cute hair. My bro's gf made one of those things with a sock and I've yet to use it myself. She's done it for me one day when she was here but other than I can't and dont really wear my hair up pony tail wise due to headaches. So now I just wear it in a single braid down the back of my head.

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  2. Hello Michelle! thanks so much! and it's nice to know that you're a fellow pinkaholic. hihi :3 I'm also into other pastel colors but pink will forever be the first color which will attract me. it's just so pretty! <3 anyway, i think the donut bun looks great on you! and you look so pretty with your new hairstyle too! :)

    take care dear and have a blessed week ahead!~

    xoxo, rae

  3. Lovely hairstyles! When I had long hair, I also used the ''donut''. ^^

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  4. Cute! My daughter would really like that.


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