Monday, May 26, 2014

Supernatural Poster Set Review (And a Doctor Who Giveaway!)

(This is a sponsored review. All Opinions are my own!)

Hey everyone!
(Interested in a Giveaway? Keep reading!)

Most of us have television shows that we've watched for years. Ones we might have grown up with, or at least ones that have been with us for a large portion of our lives. Almost a decade ago, around when I was just starting high school, I was introduced to a show that would stay with me for a really long time.

That show was Supernatural. And I've loved it ever since that first episode.

So you can imagine how excited I felt when I saw these beautiful posters for sale at OutNerdMe.

Picture from here.

These absolutely beautiful posters, titled the Supernatural Inspired Poster Set, have the profile silhouettes of Sam, Dean, and Castiel, from the show Supernatural. Inside these silhouettes are memorable quotes that they have said throughout the many episodes of the show. 

For example, some of my favorite quotes included on these posters are:
Sam- "Too precious for this world".
Dean- "Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole".
Castiel- "This is a den of iniquity, I should not be here".

I was so excited when Stephen, the wonderful person that runs the Etsy Shop, OutNerdMe, offered to send me one of his poster sets. Of course, between all of the wonderful different sets, it was hard to choose! He also graciously offered to send a poster set to me, to giveaway to one of my lucky followers! (More on that soon!)

Wondering why it was so difficult for me to decide? Well, when you see all these posters, I think you can understand why I was so conflicted. Just look at these posters:

BBC Sherlock Inspired Quote 3 Poster Set
Lord of the Rings (Frodo) Inspired Quote Poster
Harry Potter Inspired Quote Poster
Game of Thrones Inspired Quote Poster Set
And this is just a small selection of my favorites. OutNerdMe has tons more posters for sale, and even some t-shirts! 

Now, let's move onto the actual review!

First off, communication

He was excellent at communicating with me. All of my questions were answered very quickly and he was very friendly and helpful. 

I give communication 5/5. 


Shipping was very fast. I got in touch with him six days ago, and he told me that he would mail them out in a couple days. I received the package yesterday. So it really was a very short wait time! I got the package delivered to my door as shown here:

On the right, you can see what it looked like inside the tube. All the posters were together inside a sleeve to protect them. And all of them arrived completely undamaged. 

Fast shipping and poster in excellent condition? I give shipping 5/5. 


Really, my camera doesn't do these beautiful posters justice. The colors for the backgrounds are beautiful, the silhouette is clear and there really isn't any imperfections at all. There were no dents, no scratches, and no wrinkles whatsoever. The quality for these posters are great, so I easily give it 5/5. 

I got some nice frames from Walmart (which you can by here, if you'd like to get them for any poster you might want to get from OutNerdMe), and this is the finished result:

I have them set up vertically on the wall next to my window, beside my bed, and they look amazing

So, over all, I give the posters, and OutNerdMe: 5/5.

The whole experience was just really lovely, and I definitely want to buy more of his posters. (Especially that Harry Potter one!) 

I highly recommend getting one of his posters, or a set, since the sets are gorgeous. You can 'like' him on Facebook to get all the updates when it comes to his posters, and visit his store to see everything he offers. 

Now, time for the giveaway?

Yeah, I think so. 

First off, I'm really sorry, but for this giveaway, it's going to be US residents only. I'm really sorry to my followers overseas, but I promise the next giveaway will be for you too! If you're not in the US, but want one of these posters, definitely check out his Etsy shop. He ships worldwide! 

So, what's for the giveaway?

Are you a fan of Doctor Who? I know I am. And OutNerdMe generously sent this set of three posters for me to giveaway to one lucky winner. Whether your favorite doctor is the ninth, the tenth, or the eleventh, you have the chance to win all three to decorate your home with. 
(This giveaway is for the posters only. No frames included!)

The giveaway will end on June 13th at noon! Winner will have 72 hours to get back to me, and if they don't, I'll choose a new one. 

Be sure to get as many entries as you can before then! 

And Good Luck!

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  1. Never seen Dr. Who. heard about it but dont care for it but those posters are cool.

  2. AWESOME giveaway! I love me some Doctor Who!

  3. My favorite is the Star Trek one but I would love to win the Doctor Who ones for my daughter! Thanks :)


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