Monday, June 16, 2014

The Giveaway has Ended - Winner announced!

Hey everyone!

Congrats to Lee A. for winning the Doctor Who Poster giveaway! I have to admit that I am insanely jealous, since those posters are absolutely amazing, and Doctor Who is fantastic. (I'm sure I'll end up buying the poster set sometime soon..)

So yay! So happy for you! :) I'll be getting those sent out asap.

I also have a couple reviews coming up soon, and a few new blog posts. I, once again, apologize for the posts taking awhile to come. I'm still getting used to having very few hours a day to myself with my new job. I still have to take a few pictures for the reviews and I'll get those up right after.

(Thank you for being so patient with me, everyone! I promise blog posts are coming soon.)

And if you're super bummed out that you didn't win, definitely take a look at OutNerdMe's Etsy shop once more and think about purchasing one or two (or three, four, or more). That's definitely what I'll be doing in the near future!

Thanks so much to everyone who joined the Giveaway! I'll be hosting another sometime soon, so look out for that!

Love you all!


  1. congrats to the winner. I hope they enjoy their prize.


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