Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Beauty and the Beast iPhone Case Review!

(This is a sponsored review. All opinions are my own)

Hey everyone!

Has everyone's June been as busy as mine so far? I've been wanting to get this review up for a few days now, but having a job is putting a major dent into my free time, obviously. So getting a chance to sit down and type has been difficult. Luckily, the hectic-ness surrounding getting a new job has died down, so I'm back to do this review!

Do you love Beauty and the Beast? I do. Although Alice in Wonderland and Hunchback of Notre Dame rank highest in my favorite old Disney movies, Beauty and the Beast has a huge place in my heart too. So when I saw this beautiful Beauty and the Beast phone case, I fell in love.

My old phone case that I showed off on this blog about a year ago has unfortunately faded quite a bit, and gotten dirty from constant use. Although I still love it, I knew it was time to move on. And I'm so glad this is the case that I found to move on to.

It was $15 at PRISMA Art Store on Etsy, and they offer a large range of different cases, from your favorite Disney characters to Harry Potter cases, to Doctor Who. All for the affordable price of $15.

I was super lucky that I was offered this case to review for all of you, and I got it insanely fast. It was shipped out May 26th, and I received it on May 30th, which is super quick when taking into consideration that it came all the way from Greece. I bought a necklace on Etsy recently, and it took the same amount of time to get to me, and it was only a couple states away from me. So I'm really impressed about the shipping on this case.

And it came protected in a couple envelopes and wrapped in bubble wrap, which was great!

Shipping: 5/5

The quality is great too. The art is beautifully printed, and the case fits my phone perfectly. Unlike my old case, it's opened up on the side for the volume controls, which is a really nice change.

Quality: 5/5

And as for communication, it was excellent. Thanassis, who owns PRISMA Art Store, always messaged me back promptly to answer any of my questions, and let me know as soon as my package shipped.

Communication: 5/5

Overall, I definitely give them 5/5. Their product was perfect, and they were super helpful and a joy communicate with. Not to mention the super fast shipping time! I highly recommend this store to anyone interested in getting a new phone case.

They offer cases for the iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c and the Samsung S3/S3 mini/S4/S4 mini/S5, and you can choose for the cases to be either black, white, or clear. So be sure to check them out if you're looking for a new phone case!


What's your favorite case they offer?


  1. how were you offered to review the case? for free or did you have to pay for it?

    I love Disney and that movie is one of my faves and Frozen has become a new fave.

    1. It was free. :)
      And yeah, Frozen is amazing too!


  2. I love love love Beauty in the Beast. When I was little and choosing my favorite Princess it was always Belle. She's the reader! And she had brown hair like me (well, I did back then). I love that new case!

    Also I nominated you for a Liebster award HERE. You don't have to do it, but know you are beloved! ♥

  3. I love it! Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorites!

  4. OMG, this is so cute and your whole blog is so cute and you're so cute, wow :)

  5. That's so cute! I've wanted an iphone for so long, there's so many wonderful cases for them...


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