Monday, January 6, 2014

A Little Something Different - Hot Topic

Hey everyone!

So, how many of you shop at Hot Topic?

I guess I should admit, that I rarely ever buy anything from that store. It just doesn't really fit my preferred fashion style. There's generally too many skulls and and band references for me to be interested. But when I ventured to the mall not long ago, I did actually pick up a couple things from Hot Topic.

I showed them to you in one of my old posts, but now I finally put them on to take pictures to show them off to you. They're not really something I'm used to wearing. But with the deals on them the day I went, it was impossible to stay no.

(The tags are still on since I was just trying them on again, and I am still too lazy to take them off. Ack.)

I have to admit, that although this style isn't really me, it is great fun to wear! I think I need a pair of knee-high black boots or something to really complete the outfit. 

Buying these things at Hot Topic, I also got their Hot Cash deal, which means I get $15 off of $30 in a couple weeks, so I've been checking out their website to see what kind of things I might like. And I don't know if you've noticed lately (if you even go into Hot Topic), but there is a ton of Disney merchandise lately! I suppose technically there is a ton of Disney everywhere lately. But I didn't expect to see it at Hot Topic.  I love so much of the Disney stuff, so I'll probably end up buying that when I go there with my Hot Cash. 

There's also a few other things I noticed when browsing the website that caught my eye.

Pictures from Hot Topic website.

1. Disney Sleeping Beauty Forest Dress
          This is probably my favorite of the Disney products (I would have listed them all, but that would have been ridiculous. I also really loved the Beauty and the Beast dress, but that is sadly out of stock.

2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Helmet Hoodie
           Actually I just want my boyfriend to buy this one (and he apparently wants to, so yay) so I can just randomly wear it around sometimes. I do love Skyrim after all.

3. Minecraft Redstone Ore Night Light
           I need this in my life. I really, really do. I love Minecraft, and it looks so pretty in the dark. Plus, it's small enough to instantly become cute to me!

4. Rock Steady Black Diva Dress
           I think this is a very gorgeous black dress, although I don't know if I have the figure for it! I love the neckline though!

So, do you shop at Hot Topic? What are your favorite items from their store?


  1. The outfit looks adorable on you :) Kinda reminds me of something steampunk, so I think it works fine for you. And I almost don't like that they have so much Disney stuff, because I want to buy all of it T-T Especially that Beauty and the Beast dress that looks like stained glass. Other than the Disney stuff, they also have some Harry Potter and a ton of Doctor Who stuff that I like to/am tempted to buy. T-shirts, random merchandise, dresses...I tried a few dresses on this summer and they were not flattering -_- but I did see some thigh-high Tardis stockings there a while ago that I want, and Devon got me some comfy slippers that would match :p all of the fandom stuff in Hot Topic is gonna make me go broke...

    1. Haha, yeah, I got the skirt because it just sort of reminded me of steampunk, so I was like, 'Why not?' :)
      The Beauty and Beast stained glass dress was the BEST. I'm so sad it's out of stock! I would have worn that around like crazy.
      And they really do have a ton of fandom merchandise there. I'm so tempted to buy the Supernatural stuff, just because it's Supernatural! Same for the Harry Potter stuff. I'm going to definitely go broke there when I go back to use my Hot Cash, ackk.

  2. I like that outfit. I like a lot of the stuff in that store, but don't go in there often.


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