Thursday, January 2, 2014

Goodbye 2013!

Hey everyone!

This is the time of year where everyone is thinking about the past year, and moving on into the next. And I'm no different. So here is 2013 in review.

The year felt like it flew by, but looking back through my blog posts and pictures, a lot more happened this past year than I first though. Some notable events from 2013:

  • So many video games. Just so, so many.
  • I got my two little puppies, Zoey and Meeko. And they have since become a big part of the family.
  • I said goodbye to my beloved dog, Chomper, and to my dear grandfather. Both of whom are very missed.
  • Entered in to next-gen gaming with the Xbox One. 
  • I won two giveaways! Sunglasses from Lara Lizard and barefoot sandals from Catherine Cole Studio.
  • Went on a date with the boyfriend to Carlos O Kelly's so many times, the waitress knew our order by heart.
  • Went to Adventureland with the boyfriend and my family. (Got completely soaked and walked around in wet shorts all day. Ick!)
  • Had so much fun at Anime Iowa! I even got bowed to by a lovely person who told me I looked amazing. That made my summer, honestly. I'd never been bowed to before.
  • Lost about 8 lbs! (Although I think I might have gained one or two about back after Christmas. Yikes.)
And my top 3 favorite blog posts from 2013, for anyone who is interested:

Why I'm Excited for Spring - Fashion!

My Adventure to Anime Iowa

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What was your year like? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I don't remember too much of my year off the top of my head...that's why I take pictures of everything :p and if I stop being lazy, maybe this year I'll have some blog posts to look at too. I haven't even opened my ps4 yet and I'm already overwhelmed by games T-T Anime Iowa was also one of my favorite parts of the year, as usual. It was so fun doing Oswin/Clara. I'm very excited for next year. I'm going to try to be The Wasp, so I can match Amanda's awesome Black Widow.

    1. I do hope you'll have blog posts to look at, because I'm really hoping I"ll be able to look at those same posts! :)
      I just opened my Xbox One a day ago, so I took plenty of time doing it as well. Spending most of my time trying to get caught up in 3DS games.
      I really enjoyed seeing you guys at Anime Iowa last year. (I did not, however, enjoy that drink you guys insisted I try, haha! )


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