Monday, January 27, 2014

A Tour Through my Room - Getting to Know Me

Hey everyone!

I thought for today, I could show you a little bit about me through my room. I think a person's bedroom can show people quite a bit about who they are. So I figured it would be a good way to show you all more about me.

So, first off, I kind of want to show off what I got at Hot Topic.

Remember some posts back, when I created that blog post listing things I liked from Hot topic? I ended up getting one of the things I showed you! (And it just so happened to be the one thing that was not clothing related)

I got the Minecraft Redstone Nightlight! I really love Minecraft, so I'm obsessed with this little block of epicness. It has three different brightness levels that you change by tapping the block. It's all very neat.
It was $30 at Hot Topic but only $15 for me, since I had the $15 off with Hot Cash. I recommend buying it from ThinkGeek though for $20. Ten dollars cheaper is pretty nice, after all!

And you might have noticed the cute little Jack figurine (from Nightmare Before Christmas) standing next to my Redstone. My boyfriend got it in a random pack, but he already had one of those, so he gave this one to me. I love Nightmare Before Christmas, so I was quite happy to get this little guy!

This was a gift from the boyfriend. It was originally his, but he was super sweet and gave it to me instead.  Wondering what's in the box?

Close up of the Key for the box.

I have to admit the first time I opened the box, I was a little startled when this guy suddenly springs forth, tiny daggers poised to attack! It's a wonderful jack-in-the-box, and I absolutely love it.

Do you guys use game guides? (those of you that play video games, anyway). I always buy them, but then never end up using them. Except the one for Animal Crossing. I used that like crazy.

Also, in case you were wondering, the thing on top is an awesome picture frame that my friend made for me years ago. I haven't gotten it on the wall since I moved, but I really need to do that soon!

And perhaps you also noticed my Dungeons and Dragons book set. I don't know what you all think about D&D, but it is absolutely amazing in my opinion. I just never have the group to play it with!

A clock I've had since grade school, I believe. Maybe early middle school. I'm not even sure anymore. It doesn't run, since the battery died. And it doesn't really go with anything in my room. But I'm so attached since I've had it so long that I can't bare to get rid of it.

This is something I really, really love. A very good friend made it for me one year, and I've had it on display ever since. (it's a little dusty currently though. Ack)

The sword is a sword from an anime I've loved for a long time titled 'Kyo Kara Maoh!'. The butterflies are there, because I love butterflies (but I hate them flying near me.)
Then there is a purse with a bow, symbolizing my love of cute fashion like that. An Xbox 360 with controller, since I love the Xbox 360, and finally, a Slytherin scarf, because I love Harry Potter and Slytherin is my favorite house.

I'm even in the Slytherin house on Pottermore! (Yay)

My stack of video games that I don't have a place to put anymore. I desperately need a bookshelf for these things and my books!

My lamp! I absolutely love my lamp. This lamp is sticking with me until either it dies, or I do.

And then this ancient piece of technology. I got this iPod years ago. I'm actually surprised it still works. I have to delete music whenever I want to add more though, because the storage is really low since it's so old. But it still works, so I'm content.

I'm not so content, however, with the stereo system the iPod is sitting in. The buttons to change the songs don't work any longer, I have to press any button ridiculously hard for it to register, and just recently the power button started acting up. Now, instead of turning the system off when I press it, it changes the song.

I don't even understand what's going on with this stereo system anymore. Pretty sure it might be possessed.

Anyway, I hope sharing these things helped you to understand a bit more about me.

What interesting things do you have around your room?


  1. awesome stuff! hahaha! i think you are every guy's dream come true <3

  2. I love it when people appreciate awesome lil items :D Your nightlight is super! Mayhaps I should do a post like this too, but order & dust 1st .. ;)
    xxx, Lara

  3. These are such awesome things! I haven't ventured into hot topic for a while... I have so gotta do that. *__*

  4. I love that little sword statue. It's so nice to have such a truly personal memento like that. Also, the AC Jack in the Box is very cool and probably would have scared the poop outta me.

  5. Thanks for the little tour! I love posts like this, they're always so interesting and fun. I LOVE that Jack Skellington figurine. From which blind box is it from?

    I don't have much in my room, I keep telling myself that I need to start decorating it and such but never get around to it. I'm so lazy.

  6. Your room is very cool! I have a lot of stuffed animals in mine.

  7. Holy fuck I got so excited when I saw the redstone nightlight. That is beyond cool :)

  8. I love that little Jack figurine! And the sword is really interesting too (I was also sorted into Slytherin on Pottermore!)

    Your lamp is beautiful too. You have some lovely things!

  9. I found your blog through Bloggers without Children. love posts that show a little bit of the person's personality. Your room is definitely full of personality and it's pretty awesome! :D

  10. Aaaaaw, I love your stuff! That redstone lamp is awesome, I'm wondering if I could DIY one...:D

    I posted some shots from a room - tour I did in my old room recently and some of our previous apartment and I'll post some picsof the new place once we found place for everything...:D

  11. Sweet stuff! you are such a gamer!! I go thru online guides but dont buy books.

  12. I love your stuff, it's all so great!!! All those games <3
    You got yourself a new follower :)

    Lipstick and Mocha

  13. Fun Stuff! I really like your clock! I have so many random things in my room. Everything from a handmade John Lennon wall ornament to pictures of Marilyn Monroe. Hope you have a great weekend! Best, CD. ican'taffordmylifestyle

  14. Great post!! Thank you for stopping by!

    Come back soon to visit me on The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

    Evi xoxo

  15. You have some really cool stuff. That clock is awesome. I wouldn't be able to part with it either.

  16. I love that jester in the box!! Too awesome! The key is nifty too. c:



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