Monday, March 4, 2013

Fashion & Gaming -- the Best of Both Worlds ( Style Savvy: Trendsetters )

Since I got my new 3DS XL for Christmas I've been spending a lot (probably too much) time with it. And one of my most played games so far, at 27 hours of play time logged, is a game named Style Savvy: Trendsetters. (Not nearly as much as as the 50 hours I have logged for Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, but maybe I'll talk about that game another day.)

Style Savvy: Trendsetters is a game that encompasses one of my favorite things: Fashion! The point of the game is owning your own clothing boutique and selling the merchandise. This is surprisingly a lot of fun. Whether you like the aspect of dressing up plenty of characters in whatever clothing styles you fancy, or if you like the idea of managing your own business (which includes going to the Buyer Center and getting the clothing you want in your store's inventory, setting up your mannequins, getting the word out about your store, designing your store, and of course selling your stores inventory).

Meet Juliet, My Adorable Character, Posing For the Camera

The game has an abundance of activities if you need more than just running a business and dressing up the characters. There's a Photo Studio where you can choose from a variety of options in order to take adorable pictures of your character, a Park and Downtown area to socialize with the NPCs (non-player characters) of  the game, a Hair Salon and Make-up Studio to buy and customize how your character looks, a Furniture Shop to buy furniture for your apartment, Your Apartment where you can customize your look and its look, and go to sleep for the night, and then there's the Contest Hall.

One of my favorite parts of this game is definitely the Fashion Contests. They give you a theme, and a fairly large selection of clothes for you to pick from to make the model of your choice And then you watch the models go down the walkway and cross your fingers that they'll name your model the winner. Fun, but always super stressful for the few seconds you're waiting! 

The seasons also change! And that doesn't just change the background of the game, it also causes different clothing to be available for your shop! And now for a little photo spam of my adorable character.

And the style you see in the picture isn't the only one! I dress my character in girly and feminine styles all the time, since that's what I like to wear, but there are also other styles like 'Edgy', 'Preppy', 'Pop', 'Sporty', 'Retro', 'Boho-chic', 'Asian-inspired', 'Gothic', 'Princess' and more.

                                   The Gothic and Princess styles are mostly just Lolita Fashion.
 They also have an online part of the game, where you can make an online shop and sell outfits you create to other players. If any of you have the game too, you should definitely let me know your shop code! Mine's L99Y74Q19 for anyone interested in visiting my shop! c: And it's named 'Lovely Lace'. Also, for any of you that own a 3DS, I would love to add your to my friends list! Just let me know! 

Until Next Time,
Bye Lovelies! ♥


  1. Your new layout it is so cute!
    this looks like a game I would to play.

    1. Thank you! I worked quite hard on it, so I really appreciate it! c:
      And yeah, it's a really great game. I thought I wouldn't like it, since so many fashion games are pretty, well, lame. But this is really well made!

  2. I guess I would love this game :3 (Cannot even start, as I spend too much time on games already ;)

    1. Oh, I know I spend far too much time with games as well! But I always find time for a new game somehow, haha!

  3. Oh God I've always wanted Style Savvy and been looking for someone to sell this game to me on online 3DS forums lol. But ever since I got Harvest Moon A New Beginning I slowly forgot about this game until I saw this post! It looks like fun~ I really should hunt this game again haha.

    1. That reminds me! I need to get back into Harvest Moon! Haha, I have that game too, and I completely love it. But then Style Savvy took up my life, haha. I haven't even gotten my character a boyfriend yet! Still waiting for the rest of the bachelors, ack!
      But you should definitely try Style Savvy. It's so much fun!



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