Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Haircut time! (and Split ends)

So after months of it being long overdue, I decided I wanted to get a haircut today! Now, you probably can't see it in my pictures, but I had horrible split ends. It was bad.

I had never had split ends before. I don't even know what caused it! Maybe because I'm growing my hair out? I guess I'm not sure what causes split ends at all. But my hair was longer than it had ever been before.

And actually, I just checked. I still have split ends. How is this happening?! I don't understand. ._. I just got my hair cut!

I refuse to go any shorter. Agh. I already had enough little miniature panic attacks while watching the lady (who was awesome, by the way. So talkative and informative. Way different than the last place I went!). Should I just grab my scissors and snip away at the individual strands that have split ends? I could spend all night doing that if it would save my poor defenseless hair! Someone help. ._.

I feel so unknowledgeable when it comes to beauty. After all, it wasn't that long ago I actually took an interest in beauty and fashion. So when the women at the hair salon was asking me questions about what to do to my hair, my only answer a lot of times was to stare at her blankly.

I felt so bad! Like I was making her job a lot harder than it should have been. But she was super nice and understanding and explained everything.

And I asked for bangs.(or a fringe. Whatever they're called.)

I am constantly on a lifelong search for the perfect sides wept bangs. And so far, they have completely eluded me. I don't know if my hair just hates being side swept, or if I can't explain what I want well enough, but I have never been able to get them the way I imagine in my head!  (And I'm not nearly talented to do it myself!)

I'm not sure how to feel about my bangs. Part of me loves them, the other part says that they're not fashionable. Maybe I got them too thick.

Or, you know, maybe I'm just too picky.
Always searching for those unattainable, perfect side swept bangs. -sigh-

Anyway, so you can see. Here's a picture of me right before I went to get my haircut:
and here's after:

What do you think? I'm not wearing make up in either of the pictures, so I think I kind of look dead. But don't look at my face! Look at my hair, please! Also, I don't know why my hair is all wavy in the After picture.

So, yeah, how would you guys suggest I get rid of the split ends? And what's your opinion on my hair? Please me brutally honest and give me tips!

I think I might grow my bangs out again.

Oh! And mini Meeko spam, 'cause he really is just so gosh darn cute.

Until Next Time,
Bye Lovelies! ♥


  1. Heya :) I don't think I am an hair expert (but people say they love my hair so I must be doing something right xD) ...here ja my advice though :)
    Do you blow dry? I think leaving that out will help a lot! It's not only curling irons etc that are 'bad' but deffinetely the heat of the blow drier. For example, I am simply to lazy to blow dry so I always wash my hair in the evening and then watch a movie or something until it is dry .^.^
    Then I think... It might be even the kenght of your hair or the cut that is causing the split ends. Sounds super strange I know but when my hair was this lenght, it kept touching my shoulders and that caused it to get split ends and get all tangled up!
    So when your hair slowly gets longer the issue should be solved :)
    And third thing might be the shampoo but I am not sure if that's really really important.
    Which one do you use tho?:3

    Maybe this helped a little.

    1. I don't blow dry very often, actually. I usually just clip it up and let it dry naturally. My hair does get tangled a lot though, now that it's so long, and having to brush out the tangles could definitely be causing the split ends. Maybe I should brush more often?
      I use some kind of head and shoulders shampoo. I hope that's not what's causing it!

      And thank you so much for your help! :)
      I really appreciate it!


    2. That's good that you don't blow dry:) hehe you're welcome, I hope more brushing is gonna help! Maybe also a leave-in conditioner :) and don't worry about head.and shoulders products, I think they are pretty good.used them for a while x

  2. Haircut does work wonders, yours looks lovely. I always have split ends lol :D
    And oh, love Meeko!
    xo Lara

    PS: I have a new URL since I got hacked >< I will have to make a new button, that old one no more works ;[

    1. Thank you! I guess split ends aren't a very uncommon problem, I'm just sad it's happening to me now! :(

      Wow, I wish I would have read this comment sooner! I tried going to your blog and it said it was gone, and I was like "What?! No!" Then found your new blog through Google +.

      Sucks you got hacked! :( The new url sounds super cute though. I like it!


  3. Your hair looks nice now!! And your fringe is cute!

  4. You are so pretty! Makeup or not. I just tell my hair stylist to cut the split ends off until my hair is healthy. Sometimes it takes a few inches off... Yikes! But styling is what damages hair. I try not to blow dry for too long or flat iron too much but it's tough!

    1. Thank you! I sort of feel like going back and asking the stylist to trim a bit more. I didn't realize I would still have split ends, or I would have asked her to cut higher while there. (Even though it's super scary to me getting my haircut!)


  5. love your new haircut ♥
    no clue what to do against split ends...i have the same problem :(

  6. Oh my gosh Michelle, I LOVE your dog! Such a cute little face. :D

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