Thursday, March 28, 2013

What's in my bag (an update)

Hey guys!

And before you ask this is totally not a filler post because I have no idea what to blog about.

Of course not. That's just crazy talk.

Okay, so you caught me. It's been about 4 days since I made my last blog post and I've just been so busy! And I really hate making excuses, so I promise I'm going to do better to post. I just have to figure out what to actually post about now. I've been pretty much chilling at home everyday lately, so I never get dressed up (outside of my workout clothes, which I'm guessing you really don't care about seeing). And I never put make up on.

Therefore, you don't get to be blessed with seeing pictures of my funny looking adorable face! I mean, unless you want to see pictures of me, sweating buckets while I'm dying on the floor of my living room.

No? Didn't think so!

Anyway, so, if you're wondering why I've been busy, I'll fill you in. Of course I've been spending a lot of time working out lately. It's like my new hobby (pretty much completely replaced gaming at the moment, eek). I do my round of 30 Day Shred, then sometimes add in another round if I'm feeling extra daring. Then I'll usually do some cardio, and now lately I'm really into yoga.

And in addition to that, on the 30th, it's actually mine and my boyfriend's 3 year anniversary.

Cue the 'Aww's.

So I've been scrambling trying to get ready for that. And actually, the gift I had planned kind of fell through, because I won't be able to get the materials on time. So now, all of tomorrow I'm going to have to work really hard to create an entirely new gift. I won't tell you guys what it is, but I will say that it requires my (nearly non-existent) sewing skills. I'll probably show you guys after I give it to him. ♥

Oh, and I'll bake. Because he's got a huge sweet tooth.

Alright, so, onto the 'What's in my Bag' topic. I've seen this around on blogs. (Usually in their archives). So I figured I'd show you guys what I carry around. It's nothing too exciting though. Sorry!

1. My purse! I got it for Christmas last year, and I really need a new one. The little gems are falling off of it, and it's just a little too bright for my liking now anyway.
2. A matching wallet for my purse. Which is broken, by the way. Even more of an excuse to buy a new purse/wallet combo!

3. My 3DS XL and all the games I carry around with it. This is by far my favorite thing in my purse. It's my baby. ♥

4. My nail file! Not just any nail file. A nail file with a really pretty design on it!
5. Bobby pins and hair ties. A lot of bobby pins. An unnecessary amount of bobby pins.
6. My cell phone! Complete with it's really pretty case. ♥
7. Movie tickets! Not sure why I still have these in my purse, considering I went to this movie (Warm Bodies) last month.
8. Bracelets! For all accessory related emergencies!
9. A comb. A normal, boring comb.
10. Pencils and eraser. For when the fancy to draw strikes me.

11. Best. Restaurant. Ever. Sad there's only about $3 left.
12. Aaaand, an expired Gamestop Power Up Rewards card. I really need to stop back into Gamestop and renew that.
13. The picture I carry around from Prom of my boyfriend's senior year (I had already graduated). I look horrible in it, but he's a cutie.

So yeah, that's basically it.
Sorry for this rather failtastic blog post. But at least I got to share something about myself. I'll try to post again soon! Promise.

Until Next Time,
Bye Lovelies! ♥


  1. There are LOADS in your bag ;3!! I'm really lazy to carry around stuff so usually it's jut mobile and wallet :D.
    Love your purse and wallet btw :)

  2. I love whats in my bag posts! II'm super nosey and think you can learn so much about ppl by what's in their bag! Plus sometimes you find out new makeup must haves or who knows what else! PS love the prom pic! And get it foxy lady w/ all the working out!!!

  3. Aw, your so funny! XD You bag is still cute and bright wallents are best because they are easy to find! XD Lol. Okay!

  4. Wow! I love this post :3 Thanks for showing off your 3DS XL, it's so cute! I actually want one (my sister use to have a PSP). I actually wanted to do a "what's in my bag" post but you got ahead of me xD I'll do it anyway in the future.

  5. Cute! I have an unnecessary amount of bobby pins and hair ties in my bag too lol

  6. I love your DS card case, super cute. I love my DS - once I get stuck into a game I can't put it down. What are you playing at the moment?

    Lyndsay ♡
    Fizzy Peaches

  7. I always feel like girls with matching bags and wallets are so sophisticated... Sadly I have never had a matching set :(
    Bobby pins are the bane of my life, when I them I can never find one but they always seem to turn up in the most odd places...

  8. Love your purse ♥ Thanks for sharing ^^

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  10. Your cellphone case is so gorgeous!
    Great post as well :)

  11. Cute purse and wallet <3 and it's so cute you bring the photo of your bf's prom with you ^^ and I just nominated you for Liebster Award check it out :3

  12. Hello!!! I just nominated you for the Liebster award!!!

  13. I love finding other geeky bloggers! Though your purse is a lot more organized than mine, love that you bring your 3DS everywhere! lol :)


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