Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Mass Effect 3

A year ago to this day, a game was released. An amazing game.

Admittedly, when it was released, I wasn't very interested in getting it. It was a shooter. A shooter that took place in space no less. Definitely not my kind of game. (I can't stand the Halo series, for example.)
But I liked Bioware, the company that created Mass Effect, because they also created a game that I was very much in love with, Dragon Age: Origins.

And after much convincing from my boyfriend, I decided that I would give the Mass Effect series a try. So I borrowed the first Mass Effect when the third one was released a year ago, popped it in my Xbox 360, and started gaming. I'll admit I wasn't crazy about it. I loved the storyline, I loved the characters, and even the 3rd person shooting was pretty fun. But there was just something about it that made it seem to go on too long. I ended up taking a pretty long break right in the middle of the game because other games were holding my interest better than Mass Effect.

Showing the (male) commander Shephard. He's a beast ♥

Eventually though, I wandered back to Mass Effect, with promises from my boyfriend that Mass Effect 2 was worlds better. So I made it through the game, the ending was amazing, and I was excited to start Mass Effect 2. I was hoping it would deliver what the first one didn't. That it would have that special something that would keep me glued in front of my television set, that it would have nonstop action, a fantastic story, lovable characters, and hard choices to make.

It had all of that and more.

I fell in love. The characters I loved so much in the first one were back, better than ever, and the new characters that were introduced were instantly amazing. The story was still as great as ever, the action and game play were terrific (even though a lot of people complained about the gameplay differences between the first and second games), and I grew incredibly attached to my character, Commander Shepard.

Then the third game happened.

Both covers: MaleShep and FemShep

It felt like reading the last Harry Potter book all over. Death and devastation and despair everywhere, and me crying over fictional characters constantly. Before I played Mass Effect 3, I had only cried for one game. Just one. And that was Assassin's Creed 2: Brotherhood, where I witnessed the story of Ezio and Christina. (And I didn't even really cry in that, just tear up and sniffle). But Mass Effect 3 had me bawling like a baby constantly. It was nerve-wracking, emotional, and amazing to go into the last battle with the characters I had come to know and love. And even into the credits, I was crying.

The game was beyond amazing. And it is still my favorite game, even with all the others I've played since then. I don't think any game will be able to make me feel as many emotions as Mass Effect 3 did.

And now it's a year old. I have both of the newer DLCs, Omega and Citadel, but I've been putting off playing them for as long as possible. Why, you ask? It'll be my last time with Commander Shepard. Our last adventure before I have to say goodbye to her for good.

I know it probably seems silly that I'm so attached to a video game character, but I think those of you that love video games, or reading, or even movies, will understand the attachment you can feel towards a character that you've been through everything with. It's the feeling you might get when you watch Frodo struggling with Gollum in Mount Doom, when you read about Harry's wand connecting with Voldemort's... it's when everything that you've experienced with that character suddenly comes to a climax and leaves you on the edge of your seat.

That was how I felt all the way through Mass Effect 3. It gave me an experience that doesn't come often enough in fiction. So today I wish Mass Effect 3 a happy birthday, and I also struggle as I bid it farewell too.

I'll miss you Commander Shepard.

Thank you Bioware, for a truly amazing game that I will never forget.

And to my readers, I'd love to know what works of fiction you feel most connected to. Whether it be books, movies, or games, let me know in the comments below!

Until Next Time,
Bye Lovelies! ♥

(Also, because I had my camera out I took pictures of Meeko, so here's just a little mini photospam!)


  1. I've never played any of the Mass Effects but my brother has all of them.

    And don't feel weird about getting emotional over video game characters. I do it all the time. It's basically the same thing as watching a movie and reading, except you're a bit more involved with the story (since you are actually controlling at least one character).

    Cute dog!

    1. Yeah, I feel all connected to certain characters in books/movies too, but it's nothing like video games. Since in video games, it's you who does all the work. It makes it so much more personal.

      And thank you! :)

  2. Do you like computer games? sim city is out tomorrow i'e got it pre-ordered, its coming tomorrow i can't wait!
    Are you interested in a guest blog spot on my blog? could get some coverage for your blog, write about whatever you fancy? let me know xx

    1. Not as much as console games, but yeah, I do still love computer games too! Like Amnesia, Minecraft, and the Sims 3. All are excellent games :) And I have seen advertisements for Sim City. I never really got into it when I was younger, probably because I didn't really understand it, but it looks really fantastic now. I'd really love to get it!
      And I'd love to do a guest spot on your blog. I've never actually done any guest blogging though. But I'd definitely be honored to give it a go, thank you. :)
      If you'd be interested in a guest blog spot on my blog as well, let me know!

  3. I love the Mass Effect series, I never cry at anything fictional (apart from Lord of the rings) but I got a lump in my throat so many times during ME 3. Although I must say I prefer ME 2 just because the ending mission is so perfectly crafted and I loved the loyalty missions. But seriously if you think ME 3 was emotional you have to play the walking dead I was literally bawling at the end.

    1. Mass Effect 2 really was great, especially at the end. I was so nervous and stressed out when trying to pick the right people for the right jobs. I was terrified I was going to lose someone. But we all managed to get out of there alive. I felt so proud of my team, haha!
      I'm actually currently playing the Walking Dead. I just finished Episode 3. Since I've only just finished that, it probably explains why I haven't cried at all over that game. I mean, my jaw has literally dropped a few times while playing it, and I have yelled at my television screen at characters who I know can't hear me. But I haven't cried... yet.
      I do regret starting the games before I started the television series though, since I knew something the main characters in the tv series didn't know throughout two seasons. That was a little annoying, haha.

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  5. Awesome game! And your dog is so cute. :)

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    1. Thank you! :)
      And thanks for letting me know :)

  8. You know, I hadn't even considered Mass Effect (because I pretty much hate shooters of all kinds and suck at all of them), but between your post and my roommate, I might have to pick it up! He's been playing it pretty much non-stop since Christmas, so I imagine it must be good. I prefer 3D fighting games myself (ala Tekken), but with such high reviews and a space theme, I should probably give this one a go!

    1. You should definitely give it a try :) I really don't like shooters much either ( I play CoD sometimes, but that's about it), but I fell in love with the Mass Effect series. Of course, I liked using the biotic powers much more than I liked shooting at people, so maybe that contributed to my love of the game.
      I don't really play fighting games much. I have Soul Calibur IV, and Dead or Alive 3 & 4, if that counts though, haha. Those are pretty fun,


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