Monday, March 4, 2013

Getting Crafty! (And a new look)

Welcome to the new and improved Girly Gamer blog! At least, I think it's improved. I did a complete redo because I really didn't like the old look, and now I like this one much better. Still things I want to change and add, but for now, I'm okay with it. c:

The only thing I'm not too fond of is the fact that if you view my blog in anything other than 100% Zoom in web browsers, the 'Latest Tweet' sections, and my gif, along with a few other things, get's placed all funky on the blog. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to hope that most people browse the internet at 100%.

Anyway, if you weren't around for the old look (or just don't remember), this was it:


And now it has transformed to this:
I like it a lot more, but I'd love to hear my readers' opinions on this. Do you guys think it's an improvement? Leave me a comment and let me know! (yeah, the comments actually work now!)


Now, to what I actually wanted to talk about. And no, for a change it isn't video games. It's a different hobby of mine. And that is sewing. Eventually I'd love to be able to design and sew my own clothing (and costumes for Anime/Gaming Conventions). But for now, my sewing knowledge is quite small and encompasses pretty much only plushies and making some small changes to clothing. I actually only recently dug my sewing machine out of storage and used it for the first time to alter a pair of capri pants.

I'd like to add lace to those shorts, but I'm not really sure where I'd be able to do it, so maybe I'll just cover a different pair of shorts in lace.

And here are more of my adventures in sewing:

So, this is basically all of the sewing I've done.And I have absolutely none of these plushies anymore. Whenever I make one, I always give it away to my friends.I'd like to do more though, and then maybe give those away to my followers sometime! ♥

Anyway, next post will be video game related, most likely. Maybe I'll stop being lazy and do a review (but I doubt it!).

And something I'd definitely like to do in the near future is both put outfits together based on fictional characters and create meals/drinks based on fictional characters. Hopefully you'll see that on here soon!

Until then,
Bye Lovelies! ♥


  1. Looks cute now :3
    Aww the shorts and the little plushies you have made - adorable :3!!!!
    x, Lara
    Giveaway in my blog :

    1. Thanks! c: There was a lot of frustration creating this new layout with trying to figure out HTML. I'm just glad it all worked out, haha. :)

  2. Love the new layout! Your little gif and intro on the side reminds me of XiaXue's blog haha.

    1. Haha, oh man, you're right. I just went back to look at XiaXue's blog, and it does look really similar! She even has a FAQ on her intro. I swear that wasn't intentional! Haha, But thank you! c:

  3. The plushies are mega adorable!! Totally love the Golden Snitch!

    1. Thank you! c:
      I'm a total Harry Potty nerd, so that one was especially fun to make!

  4. so cuteee

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