Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cute Puppies and Pretending to be a Photographer

Hey guys!

It's December! One of my favorite months!

Not only is Christmas in only 24 days (which means only 24 days until I get my Xbox One!), but my birthday is in 8 days! On the 9th of December, I'll be turning 22!

 (I'm feeling old already..) 

But I didn't make this blog post to freak out about my favorite month. I made it to introduce my puppies (mostly)!

I've shown off Meeko before (the larger, darker puppy), but not his sister, Zoey. This is the first time I've owned two dogs at once, and it has certainly been... an experience. They're both very sweet (besides the fact that Zoey absolutely hates my dad and barks at him every chance she gets. We still don't understand why she despises him so much). And they're very cute. I absolutely love both of these puppies to pieces.

So a few days ago, when it was warmer than it has been lately, I talked my boyfriend, Zach, into stepping outside with me and the puppies so I could take pictures of the two of them.

I had quite a great deal of fun pretending to be a photographer.

Zoey ♥

Zach is Zoey's favorite person in the entire world. It's so cute watching her whenever Zach comes over for a visit. She doesn't leave his side the entire time he's around. I can call for her as sweetly as possible. But no, she wants nothing to do with me.

Meeko ♥
Meeko and Zoey are from the same litter, but I'm not sure which one was born first. Meeko is certainly bigger in size though, so we usually refer to him as her big brother.

Meeko seems to always have his tongue out.
My two puppies are quite adorable together though! Whenever we have to discipline Zoey (for having an accident in the house or tearing something up), we put her in her dog crate. Meeko will then do his best to scratch at the door and the walls, trying to rescue her from her little prison. He hates when Zoey is in trouble.

It's so cute!

And my favorite picture I took that day...

I know it's an pretty terrible picture, but I love the expression on both of their faces! And the expression is so similar between them, you can definitely tell that Zoey is Zach's dog!

(Now go look at the previous picture so you can remember that she is in fact completely adorable.. not funny looking!)

It was getting a little cold for tiny puppies though, so we brought them back inside so they could warm up, but since I was still feeling like I wanted to be a photographer I talked Zach into (with much pleading) being my model for the next ten minutes.

(Warning: Mini-picture spam incoming)

I hate that he can do this with his tongue! I can't!

Experimenting with angles is pretty nifty.

It's almost depressing, looking at all these pictures again. All of that grass... it's going to be gone so soon, replaced with piles of snow.

Oh, how I hate snow.

Anyway, so how did I do? I have a lot farther to go before I can be considered a good photographer, huh? Ha! I had fun anyways, and that's what matters!

I hope you find my puppies as I do!

Do you have any pets? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Oww can I have one of those :D ! So cute :D! Lol, my mom has 2 dogs, one is still a kid and yes it's quite a show :D. Sometimes dogs decide that they don't like someone / something. One dog in the family didn't like darker immigrants, and yup it was quite embarrassing that he barked at them, I felt like I was being a racist while the racist was the dog :x.
    I like your photographs ^^

    1. Aww, that dog sounds like quite the character.
      It just sucks when your dog decides to hate someone that lives in the house with you. ._. Like, she'll bark at him all threateningly, while wagging her tail. It's very confusing.


  2. Aaaaw, so cute! You have a lovely blog, following you now with Bloglovin :)

    1. Aw, thanks so much! :) I'm glad you like my blog! :)


  3. Great pictures! I just have one cranky cat.

    1. Aw, I'm jealous. I would love a cat! :)
      And thank you!


  4. that your boyfriend?! his eyelashes are THE BEST! i always ask my husband why do boys always get awesome eyelashes? and the color of his are super coolio!

    1. Haha, yep, that's the boyfriend. And his eyelashes really are quite amazing! :)
      I love taking pictures of them!



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