Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Cutest Barefoot Sandals Ever

Hey everyone!

I just got the cutest barefoot sandals ever. (At least I think so!)

Ack, I do not like my feet. I bravely put these on my feet so I can show them off to you, and convince you that you need a pair in your life. (Because you do. They're too cute not to own!)

I ended up getting these for free from winning a small guessing contest on Catherine Cole Studio's Facebook. I got to choose between silver and gold (which was incredibly difficult to do! I love both the colors), and finally decided on silver after quite a few moments of careful consideration. I figured it would match more of my outfits/jewelry.

You can check out her barefoot sandals, and all of her other super cute things, at her site Catherine Cole Studio! There you can find more barefoot sandals, lace socks, jewelry, and more. I really love her shop!

The barefoot sandals came in a cute little packaging, kept very neat and not tangled or anything (which is something I had a problem with when ordering jewelry from a big store, so this was a pleasant surprise!).

Overall, I am very happy with these. I love the way they fit on my feet. They're adjustable for any size ankle, and the part that goes around the toe is quite wide. They're very comfy to wear. I highly recommend you check out her shop and see if anything strikes your fancy. You're sure to find something!

Have you ever worn Barefoot Sandals? Where do you/would you wear them? 


  1. That most definitely is the cutest barefoot sandal ever!!


  2. Cute! I would definitely rock these at the beach
    x atelier zozo

    1. I can't wait to go to a beach to wear these! :)

  3. Aaah, I've been wanting barefoot sandals for so long! But, like you, I prefer not to show off my feet.

    1. Yeah, it's pretty conflicting now, wanting to show off pretty foot jewelry, but not my actual feet. Agh!


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