Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pink Polka Dot Nails and New Booties

Hey everyone!

Is anyone else really, really bad at doing their nails? Or is it just me?

I must be so uncoordinated. But I managed to do my nails in a semi-decent way today.


I used my new pretty Forever 21 nail polish in Light Pink to decorate my nails. (Which I hardly ever do.)

I really, really love the color, although it's a lot brighter than I thought it would end up being. Brighter than the pictures show. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting, or what I wanted, but still super pretty. So I'm still very happy I picked it up!

It was a pretty long, distressing process to put the nail polish on though. I am, after all, very inexperienced in applying nail polish. How do people get it on their nails so well?!

This was my first attempt at putting on the polish:

Can you tell I never wear nail polish? And when I do, it's usually just a single layer of my Cover Girl NailSlicks with built in top coat in Snowflake Frost, which is a really nice shiny white. And it's still transparent enough that if I make mistakes, it's really hard to tell. So that's usually my go to polish when my nails are in need of a little oomph!

 (It's also what I used today to do the polka dots, which is why the polka dots aren't too noticeable.)

So after cleaning up around my nail a bit, I was left with this:

Still not perfect, but much better! Then I used a toothpick to dab on some quick polka dots, applied a layer of top coat, and done!

I wish the color came out better on camera. Because really, this nail polish just makes my nails POP! It's not the nearly nude color that my camera shows (which is a little unfortunate, because that's the color I wanted! Agh).

I also need to get a better white polish, because this one is too transparent to get noticeable dots.


My shoes came in the mail!

I was allowed to try them on to see if they would fit, but then they were taken away to be wrapped up and put under the tree for Christmas day. Sad!

I want to make the shoes a tad more girly though. I'm thinking I'll either buy lace for the sides of the shoe, or I'll buy some lace socks and change the shoelaces out for a white(or cream) ribbon instead. The second sounds easier, but I would love to have lacy shoes as well. What do you guys think??

Let me know your opinions in the comments! 


  1. I'm seriously terrible at painting my nails too, also never have the motivation to make them look pretty :C

    I love the shoes!

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

    1. At least I'm not alone, haha. :) Thanks!


  2. So cute! I see this and instantly think Barbie! ;) Love it!

    Sweet Southern Sparkle

  3. That nail colour is gorgeous! I can never paint my nails well but I think I could just about manage this! Also, the shoes are gorgeous! :)

    1. This is pretty easy to do! If I can manage it, I'm sure you can too! :)


  4. love the color of the nailpolish.
    Your boots are cute, I think the ribbon instead of shoelaces would look much cuter.

    1. Thanks!
      I'm planning on going out today to buy the ribbon/lace for the shoelaces. Here's to hoping they work out! :)



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