Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Goals for a Busy December

Hello lovely readers! ♥

I found a lovely blog hop that I decided to be a part of. It's to recap last months goals, and list new ones for this month!

I think this would be perfect for me, since I always want to do many different things, but I always forget, or procrastinate until I end up just putting the things off forever. (I think many people do this. I'm not alone in this, right?!)

Anyway, since I didn't create any goals last month, I can't add that to this list, but here's my list of what I'd like to accomplish this month.

1. Go on at least one date with my boyfriend! (Don't let expensive holidays keep us from spending date time together!)
2. Finish a blog post reviewing the Nintendo 3DS.
3. Get Christmas cards made for my family/Zach's family.
4. Get Christmas gifts bought for everyone on my list!
5. Write a poem. Just because.
6. Exercise! Get down to 130 lbs before Christmas Eve!
7. Buy a black dress for Christmas Eve.
8. Make a blog post at least twice a week.
9. Finish the homemade Christmas gift for the boyfriend.
10. Finish Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag

Alright, so there are my goals for this month! I'm keeping it pretty simple and easy. After all, December is a busy month for me! Not only do I have all the stressful holiday shopping everyone else has, but I also have my birthday thrown in there, which makes thing even more hectic for awhile! (Only 5 more days! Yay!)

My parents asked what I wanted for my birthday a few days ago. I responded with "money". I need as much extra money as I can get around the holidays after all! I think some people think it's silly of me to ask for money that I intend to use on other people. But it makes things a lot easier for me! Haha, some people find it annoying to have a birthday the same month as Christmas (sometimes I'm one of those people!) but this time, I just find it super convenient! I have a lot more to buy after all!

Monthly Goals

What are your goals for this month?


  1. You're adorable! And these are great goals-you can totally do this!

  2. Those are some GREAT goals! Good luck this month!

  3. Good luck with all your goal!! Lol. My goals are plan something fun for NYE and stop buying things I don't need (or convince myself I need) and then also, buy gift for people and sort out next year things as well. XD

    1. I should probably try to stop buying things I don't need too, but I've suddenly found so much, so I can't help it, haha! :)
      And thank you!


  4. Some really great achievable goals there, hope you find the perfect lbd!

  5. good luck girl!
    your blog it's so lovely and you're so pretty!!!

    would u like to follow each other? :)


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